4/18/04-4/24/04 The Week it All Began

4/25/04-5/02/04 The Next Week

5/03/04-5/9/04 DISGAEA!

5/10/04-5/16/04 E3 Is Upon Us!

5/17/04-5/23/04 What Happened to The Geek Asylum?

5/24/04-5/31/04 A Rebirth

6/1/04-6/6/04 La Pucelle Continues to pwn

6/7/04-6/13/04 Thief: My New Obsession

6/14/04-6/20/04 My Thief Obsession Doesn't End

6/15/04-6/27/04 More Thief Related Fun

6/28/04-7/4/04 Reliving Some Nostalgia

7/5/04-7/11/04 Nostalgia

7/12/04-7/18/04 The Trials of Tales of Symphonia

7/19/04-7/25/04 ToS Bliss

7/26/04-8/1/04 A Week of Rockstar News

8/2/04-8/8/04 Doom 3...sigh...it's good...

8/9/04-8/15/04 Selling Out to CoH

8/16/04-8/22/04 I Continue to Sell Out to PC Games

8/23/04-8/29/04 Malik: Official PC Sell-Out

8/30/04-9/5/04 Too Many Games Are Coming

9/6/04-9/12/04 A Week of Malik's Bitchings

9/13/04-9/19/04 FABLE!!!

9/20/04-9/26/04 Can't Be Playing Fable...It's Too Short...Blah!

9/27/04-10/3/04 Star Ocean 3...Why?

10/4/04-10/10/04 A Perfect RPG After the Hell of Star Ocean 3

10/11/04-10/17/04 Video Capture Woes

10/18/04-10/24/04 So Many Games and Not a Damned One to Play

10/25/04-10/31/04 GTA:SA Has Arrived!

11/1/04-11/7/04 Spyware Coders Are Pig-F$%#ing Whores

11/8/04-11/14/04 Halo 2 B 1337!!!111!!! Blah

11/15/04-11/21/04 GTA:SA Concludes

11/22/04-11/28/04 DS: Week 1

11/29/04-12/05/04 Metroid Prime 2...Crapy Sequel or Good Mod?

12/06/04-12/12/04 ...Average Mod

12/13/04-12/19/04 Retro Gaming

12/20/04-12/26/04 Merry Christmas

12/27/04-1/2/05 ...And a Happy New Year

1/3/05-1/9/05 Lazy Days


1/10/05-1/16/05 Enter: THUG2

1/17/05-1/23/05 Zelda The Minish Cap...Short and Sweet

1/24/05-1/30/05 Suikoden 4...Better Than the Lack of Hype

1/31/05-2/6/05 Another Week, Another Game

2/7/05-2/13/05 No News Is Crap

2/14/05-2/20/05 A Good Game...And It's Not Xenosaga 2

2/21/05-2/27/05 Xenosaga 2: A Week Later and It Still Teh Suxor

2/28/05-3/06/05 Will Xenosaga Ever Die?

3/07/05-3/13/05 GTA:SA Revisited

3/14/05-3/20/05 Ys: The Unplayed Saga

3/21/05-3/27/05 Ys Gets Played...Also The PSP Arrives

3/28/05-4/3/05 PS-MOTHER F@#$ING-P

4/4/05-4/10/05 P....S....you should know this deal by now...P!!!111!!!

4/11/05-4/17/05 Jade Empire Arrives

4/18/05-4/24/05 More Jade Empire...It's Not "Too Short"

4/25/05-5/1/05 Jade Empire Ends and the Territory Glitch on GTA:SA

5/2/05-5/8/05 Phantom Brave...A Game Not Played

5/9/05-5/15/05 XBox 360 Is Unveiled

5/16/05-5/22/05 E3: The Highs and Lows

5/23/05-5/29/05 Episode 3 Rants

5/30/05-6/5/05 Random Thoughts

6/6/05-6/12/05 Rise of Kasai: A Game I Hate to Hate

6/13/05-6/19/05 Thoughts on the Next-Gen, RoK, and Other Pointless Endeavors

6/20/05-6/26/05 PSP Teh Haxored, Return of an Old Favorite

6/27/05-7/03/05 Random News on a Slow Summer Week

7/04/05-7/10/05 A Shorter Week

7/11/05-7/17/05 Would You Like Some Hot Coffee With Your Geeking?

7/18/05-7/24/05 The Problems of Too Much Hot Coffee

7/25/05-7/31/05 The Prince of All Mother-F#@$ing Cosmos!

8/1/05-8/7/05 Random Insights Over Some Hot Coffee

8/8/05-8/14/05 Malik Enters The HD Era

8/15/05-8/21/05 XBox 360 = Teh Overpriced

8/22/05-8/28/05 Prices and Plans Gone Wrong

8/29/05-9/4/05 Summer vs. Malik

9/5/05-9/11/05 The End of the Summer Gaming Season

9/12/05-9/18/05 Nintendo's Controller and XBox 360 Release Date

9/19/05-9/25/05 Burnout Revenge Finally Reviewed

9/26/05-10/2/05 Random Thoughts on the World of Tomorrow

10/3/05-10/9/05 A Week of Incoherent Sickness

10/10/05-10/16/05 Katamari Strikes Back

10/17/05-10/23/05 Jack Thompson: The Return

10/24/05-10/30/05 GTA, Fable, and Civ4...Oh My

10/31/05-11/6/05 More of the same...

11/7/05-11/13/05 GTA:LCS Just Won't Die

11/14/05-11/20/05 The DS Gets It's Must Have Title

11/21/05-11/27/05 360 Launches

11/28/05-12/4/05 Dragon Quest 8 Overpowers the 360

12/5/05-12/11/05 DQ8...It Owns My Geeking Soul

12/12/05-12/18/05 You Guessed It...DQ8

12/19/05-12/24/05 Next Generation News and Stuff

12/25/05-1/02/06 Best of 2005


1/03/06-1/08/06 New Year and New Content

1/09/06-1/15/06 A Week of How Things Can Go Wrong

1/16/06-1/22/06 Seahawks, NFC Champs?  Could Be...

1/23/06-1/29/06 Riding the Seahawks High

1/30/06-2/05/06 360 Demos and Take Two Unravels

2/06/06-2/12/06 Boredom as Gizmondo Brings Tiger To It's Knees

2/13/06-2/19/06 Smart Companies Being Stupid

2/20/06-2/26/06 More of the same stupidity...

2/27/06-3/5/06 Stupidity Reigns Supreme in the Lan of the Geek

3/6/06-3/12/06 Return of the Games

3/13/06-3/19/06 Shadow Hearts Opinions

3/20/06-3/26/06 OBLIVION!!!

3/27/06-4/2/06 Oblivion...The Addiction

4/3/06-4/9/06 (Horse) Armorgate

4/10/06-4/16/06 Sick (Not just mentally...for once)

4/17/06-4/23/06 Beta vs. VHS: Round 2...FIGHT!

4/24/06-4/30/06 Wiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!

5/1/06-5/7/06 Pre-E3 Slowness

5/8/06-5/14/06 E3 Thoughts...

5/9/06-5/21/06 New Super Mario Bros is here...finally

5/22/06-5/28/06 A Week of Bitchings

5/29/06-6/4/06 A Short Week of Random Bitchings

6/5/06-6/11/06 Another Random Week

6/12/06-6/18/06 Suikoden V Initial Impressions

6/19/06-6/25/06 A Little Bit of Everything

6/26/06-7/2/06 Take Two, Superman, and Senates...Oh My!

7/3/06-7/9/06 A Short Week of Next Gen Bullshit

7/10/06-7/16/06 Microsoft Rumors Abound

7/17/06-7/23/06 Next GeN Rumors

7/24/06-7/30/06 Saint's Row Demo is Freakin' Sweet

7/31/06-8/6/06 The Day the Computer Died

8/7/06-8/13/06 Malik's PC Woes Wind Down

8/14/06-8/20/06 A Week Interupted

8/21/06-8/27/06 Pink Systems, Microtransactions, and Snakes

8/28/06-9/3/06 A Long Drawn Out Week

9/4/06-9/10/06 A Short Week of Next Gen Observations

9/11/06-9/17/06 Nintendo's Big Announcement!

9/18/06-9/24/06 Next-Gen News Keeps Coming

9/25/06-10/1/06 Malik Vents and Rants

10/2/06-10/8/06 Legos and Star Wars: Together Again

10/9/06-10/15/06 Pre-Orders are upon us

10/16/06-10/22/06 Trials and Tribulations of Next Gen Consoles

10/23/06-10/29/06 Farwell Lik-Sang and to the Seahawk's Season

10/30/06-11/5/06 360's Brick Update

11/6/06-11/12/06 The Price of Pre-Ordering (Go Seahawks!)

11/13/06-11/19/06 Console Wars Heating Up

11/20/06-11/26/06 One Post...One Lame Vacation

11/27/06-12/3/06 Wii Wii-k One

12/4/06-12/10/06 My Zelda Obsession

12/11/06-12/17/06 Viral Advertising and my Failures with TVersity

12/18/06-12/24/06 Next Gen Fun With Faulty Products and Lawsuits

12/25/06-1/7/07 2006 Comes to It's End


1/8/07-1/14/07 Final Fantasy 3 Owns my Life

1/15/07-1/21/07 Okami...Probably GOTY 2006

1/22/07-1/28/07 Stupidity; The Gift That Keeps Giving

1/29/07-2/4/07 Vista and Other News

2/5/07-2/11/07 A Short and Chaotic Week

2/12/07-2/18/07 Rogue Galaxy...Fun Without a Plot

2/19/07-2/25/07 Wii Party Aftermath

2/26/07-3/4/07 Phasing Out Rogue Galaxy for FF6 Advance

3/5/07-3/11/07 GDC 2007 Thoughts

3/12/07-3/18/07 Random Thoughts From a Stressed Out Geek

3/19/07-3/25/07 Console Wars Are Getting Interesting

3/25/07-4/1/07 A Week of Chaos

4/2/07-4/8/07 GTA4 and Rock Rand...The Future Looks Good

4/9/07-4/15/07 Paper Mario Returns and GH2 DLC Reaches The Price Breaking Point

4/16/07-4/22/07 Malik Vs. Super Paper Mario: Who Will Quit First?

4/23/07-4/29/07 The Joys of Overclocking a E6300

4/30/07-5/6/07 Oblivion: Done Right with a Modern Computer

5/7/07-5/13/07 Sequels, Remakes, and Vaporware...the future looks...bleak

5/14/07-5/20/07 Will We Get Starcraft 2?...and other questions.

5/21/07-5/27/07 Ramblings of a Sick Geek

5/28/07-6/3/07 Pirates 3 and Other Movie Bitchings

6/4/07-6/10/07 Fallout 3 Thoughts

6/11/07-6/17/07 Sequels and Such

6/18/07-6/24/07 Random Bitchings...and The Nature of Genetic Mutation

6/25/07-7/1/07 New Games on the Horizon

7/2/07-7/8/07 A Short Week of Independance

7/8/07-7/15/07 E3 2007...How The Mighty Have Fallen...Also Rock Band Looks Sweet!

7/16/07-7/22/07 Thoughts on the Summer Gaming Season

7/23/07-7/29/07 Guitar Hero Encore, WiFi, and Comcast...I'm Surrounded by Failure

7/30/07-8/5/07 The Good (Civ4), The Bad (Amazon.com), and The Ugly (Harmonix Vs. Neversoft)

8/6/07-8/12/07 Malik Has a Bad Week (P.S.  300 Is Some Racist Shit)

8/13/07-8/19/07 New Live Demos Detailed (Stranglehold Rocks!)

8/20/07-8/26/07 Malik's Vacation Continues

8/27/07-9/2/07 All Good Vacations Must End and Blue Dragon Thoughts

9/3/07-9/9/07 A Bad Weeks Brings Out The Best In Us All

9/10/07-9/16/07 NFL Season: Week 1

9/17/07-9/23/07 Week 2: Fumbles and Forgetting the Clock Keeps Running on Defense

9/24/07-9/30/07 Week 3: A Win is a Win...Right?

10/1/07-10/7/07 Week 4: Destroying San Francisco

10/8/07-10/14/07 Week 5: Super Bowl XL Rematch?  More Like A Complete Failure to Play The Game

10/15/07-10/21/07 Week 6:  I Think The Seahawks Have Forgotten How to Play!?

10/22/07-10/28/07 Week 7: Beating a Dead Dog

10/29/07-11/04/07 Bye Week 1

11/05/07-11/11/07 Week 9:  Untapped Talent and Wasted Contracts

11/12/07-11/18/07 Week 10: Passing Your Way To Success

11/19/07-11/25/07 Week 11: No Alexander + Passing = Win

11/26/07-12/2/07 Week 12: Final Week of Being Alexander Free

12/3/07-12/9/07 Week 13: Four Wins in a Row

12/10/07-12/16/07 Week 14: NFC West Champs, As It Should Be

12/17/07-12/23/07 Week 15: Loss To a Weak Opponent

12/24/07-12/30/07 Week 16: Beating an Opponent While They're Down


12/30/07-1/6/08 Week 17: At Least It Didn't Matter...

1/7/08-1/13/08 Wild Card Weekend: Victory When It Counts

1/14/08-1/20/08 Round 2: The Dream Comes To An End (Or: Snow...Not a Hawk's Friend)

1/21/08-1/27/08 Football Goes to Sleep

1/28/08-2/3/08 Shits & Giggles

2/4/08-2/10/08 Football Is Officially Over

2/11/08-2/17/08 Lost Odyssey Arrives!  Finally, a good J-RPG!

2/18/08-2/24/08 HD-DVD Dies While Commodore 64 Lives?

2/25/08-3/2/08 One Chaotic Week

3/3/08-3/9/08 Another Week of Chaos

3/10/08-3/16/08 SMASH!!!

3/17/08-3/23/08 My Smash Obsession

3/24/08-3/30/08 Rock Band Goes to Boston

3/31/08-4/6/08 Week 1: Rock Band DLC Garbage

4/7/08-4/13/08 Week 2: More Leftovers for DLC

4/14/08-4/20/08 Some Good DLC and I Talk Sports...Not Seahawks For Once

4/21/08-4/27/08 Seahawks Dump Alexander!!!!!11!!!11!1!!1

4/28/08-5/04/08 GTA IS HERE!!!

5/5/08-5/11/08 More GTA 4

5/12/08-5/18/08 GTA4 Defeated

5/19/08-5/25/08 Rock Band European Style

5/26/08-6/1/08 Malik sick!

6/2/08-6/8/08 A Slow Random Week

6/9/08-6/15/08 I'm Just a Cheesebuger in...Something or Other

6/16/08-6/22/08 Offspring Comes to Rock Band...And More is Coming

6/23/08-6/29/08 Big Rock Band Week and Microsoft Gets Smart

6/30/08-7/6/08 Rock Band 2, The Who...And Clay Bennett F#@$s Seattle

7/7/08-7/13/08 More Rock Band 2 Rumors...Next Week Will Tell...

7/14/08-7/20/08 Rock Band 2 Looks Awesome...Unlike E3 2008

7/21/08-7/27/08 Some Nintendo Problems

7/28/08-8/3/08 Too Many Games...And It's Not Fall Yet!

8/4/08-8/10/08 MLB Power Pros...Nostalgic Baseball and Pure Addiction

8/11/08-8/17/08 Fable 2 Pub Games With Walk Through

8/18/08-8/24/08 More Rock Band 2 Hype

8/25/08-8/31/08 Tales of Vesperia: The First Truly Awesome 360 RPG!

9/1/08-9/7/08 Long Weekends Are Good

9/8/08-9/14/08 Week 1: Seahawks, Made of Genuine Glass

9/15/08-9/21/08 Week 2: Another Two Receivers Injured...This Must Be a Record

9/22/08-9/28/08 Week 3: Finally A Win...Against a Crap Team...

9/29/08-10/5/08 Week 4: Glorious Bye Week!

10/6/08-10/12/08 Week 5: OMG...It Won't End

10/13/08-10/19/08 Week 6: Why do I even watch?

10/20/08-10/26/08 Week 7: Will It End?

10/27/08-11/2/08 Week 8: Hope Comes Back

11/3/08-11/9/08 Week 9: ARGHHHH!...and My Comcastic Tirade

11/10/08-11/16/08 Week 10: Sigh...

11/17/08-11/23/08 Week 11: ....

11/24/08-11/30/08 Week 12:  It's still going...?

12/1/08-12/7/08 Week 13:...

12/8/08-12/14/08 Week 14: Does This ever End?

12/15/08-12/21/08 Week 15: Really...?

12/22/08-12/28/08 Week 16: Revenge on Favre!

12/29/08-1/4/09 Week 17: Finally The Pain Ends


1/5/09-1/11/09 Wild Card Weekend: My Season's Done

1/12/09-1/18/09 Malik Sells Out to Sony

1/19/09-1/24/09 Spiritual Successor of Super Bowl XL Is Coming

1/25/09-2/1/09 More Valkyria Chronicle Thoughts

2/2/09-2/8/09 A Slow Week

2/9/09-2/15/09 Trying, Slowly, To Appreciate Uncharted

2/16/09-2/22/09 The Lost and Damned Rocks!

2/23/09-3/1/09 A Week of Boredom

3/2/09-3/8/09 More Boredom...Where's Demon's Souls?

3/9/09-3/15/09 At Least US Customs is Enjoying My Demon's Souls...

3/16/09-3/22/09 Waiting Is Really The Hardest Part

3/23/09-3/29/09 Demon's Souls...It's Only Happy When You Die

2/30-4/5/09 April Fools Day...The Day The Internet Sucks

4/6/09-4/12/09 Real Life, Like With RB DLC, Sucks Lately

4/13/09-4/19/09 Tiny Post

4/20/09-4/26/09 No Time For Love, Dr. Jones

4/27/09-5/3/09 No Time For...Anything

5/4/09-5/10/09 More Slow Demon's Souls Progress

5/11/09-5/17/09 Star Trek and Dragon Quest V

5/18/09-5/24/09 The Pre-E3 Announcements Slowly Trickle In

5/25/09-5/31/09 Slow Start to a Slow Week

6/1/09-6/7/09 E3: Everyone Has To Do The Same Damned Motion Control

6/8/09-6/14/09 A Slow Week With FF4: The After Years

6/15/09-6/21/09 Sick

6/22/09-6/28/09 I'm Back

6/29/09-7/5/09 Catching up on some random complaints

7/6/09-7/12/09 Teh flu

7/13/09-7/19/09 Recovery...Again

7/20/09-7/26/09 Rock Band Brings Me Back In

7/27/09-8/2/09 Happy Anniversary To Me

8/3/09-8/9/09 ADT Makes My Life Miserable...For Another Week

8/10/09-8/16/09 Edward...Boring FF4 Character, Or Just Worthless?

8/17/09-8/23/09 Shadow Complex...Wow!

8/24/09-8/30/09 Professor Layton 2: As Good As Number 1...And ADT Continues To Anger Me

8/31/09-9/6/09 Professor Layton 2...So Short I hardly Knew Ye

9/7/09-9/13/09 The Beatles...So Good...And So Short

9/14/09-9/20/09 NFL Week 1: Finally, Football Is Back

9/21/09-9/27/09 Week 2: At Least UW Looks Good...

9/28/09-10/04/09 Week 3: Sigh...

10/5/09-10/11/09 Week 4: I Can Take A Loss To The Demon That Is Peyton Manning

10/12/09-10/18/09 Week 5: The Roller Coaster Ride Continues With Another High

10/19/09-10/25/09 Week 6: ...And Then a Very Low Point

10/26/09-11/1/09 Week 7: A Bye Week Is Nice When Seattle Is So Damned Bad

11/2/09-11/8/09 Week 8: Why Do I Watch An NFL Team Without An O-Line?

11/9/09-11/15/09 Week 9: Beating The Lions...Is That Even A Victory?

11/16/09-11/22/09 Week 10: Another Couple Months Of Pain...

11/23/09-11/29/09 Week 11: Sigh...

11/30/09-12/6/09 Week 12: Beating An NFC West Team In Last Place...Is That Even Really a Victory?

12/7/09-12/13/09 Week 13: Beating The 49ers Only Accomplished One Thing; A Lower Draft Pick

12/14/09-12/20/09 Week 14: It Only Gets Worse...Against Worse Teams

12/21/09-12/27/09 Week 15: Destroyed By The Bucs...Wow

12/28/09-1/3/10 Week 16: The End Is In Sight...


1/4/10-1/10/10 Finally Free of Another Losing Season

1/11/10-1/17/10 Playoffs Are Good When You Just Don't Care

1/18/10-1/24/10 A Brief Week

1/25/10-1/31/10 Dragon Age Rambling Thoughts

2/1/10-2/7/10 Return to Ostagar...Meh...

2/8/10-2/14/10 Dragon Age Ends

2/15/10-2/21/10 Misadventure of PB Winterbottom...One Hell of a Name

2/22/10-2/28/10 Gyromancer Redeems Square

3/1/10-3/7/10 The Silver Lining Ends

3/8/10-3/14/10 Random Thinking

3/15/10-3/21/10 Seahawks Are Going Insane...

3/22/10-3/28/10 Malik Is Feeling Jaded...

3/29/10-4/4/10 Vacation Coming

4/12/10-4/18/10 Sick Week

4/19/10-4/25/10 Electronics Rebel

4/26/10-5/2/10 Technology Vs. Malik: No One Really Wins

5/3/10-5/9/10 Random

5/10/10-5/16/10 World of Goo: Damned Good

5/17/10-5/23/10 RIP: Ronnie James Dio \m/

5/24/10-5/30/10 Lost Ends...With No Answers

5/31/10-6/6/10 Goodbye Junior...

6/7/10-6/13/10 Malik Picks Up a Modern Game

6/14/10-6/20/10 E3...Malik is Not Impressed

6/21/10-6/27/10 Malik Hate AV Security Suite

6/28/10-7/4/10 World Cup Goofiness

7/5/10-7/11/10 Technology Falls Into The Wrong Hands

7/12/10-7/18/10 Dragon Quest IX: Initial Thoughts

7/19/10-7/25/10 $150 for Kinect...hahaha...

7/26/10-8/1/10 PC's Are Dying

8/2/10-8/8/10 Reality is a Mo-Fo

8/9/10-8/15/10 Seattle: Where Sports Go To Die

8/16/10-8/22/10 Pre-Season Starts Up, and Civ 5 Is a Resource Whore

8/23/10-8/29/10 Pre-Season Continues: Defense Looks Usual...Like Crap

8/30/10-9/5/10 XBox Live and Seahawks...Two Lame Tastes That Go Together

9/6/10-9/12/10 Final Seahawk Roster Shifts

9/13/10-9/19/10 Week 1: Victory Over A Bad Team

9/20/10-9/26/10 Week 2: Defeat, But A Glimmer of Hope

9/27/10-10/3/10 Week 3: Home Victory...But No Offense

10/4/10-10/10/10 Week 4: Destroyed By The Rams?!

10/11/10-10/17/10 Week 5: Bye Week Knocks Seattle to Second Place

10/18/10-10/24/10 Week 6: A Road Win At 10AM PST?!

10/25/10-10/31/10 Week 7: Things Look Up With Taking 1st in The NFC West

11/1/10-11/7/10 Week 8: The Raiders Are This Good?  No.  The Seahawks Are This Bad

11/8/10-11/14/10 Week 9: Worst Seahawks Loss Of The Hasselbeck Era

11/15/10-11/21/10 Week 10: A Win Against The Cards...Like That's Hard To Do

11/22/10-11/28/10 Week 11:  Failing and Flailing in New Orleans

11/29/10-12/5/10 Week 12: NFC West Shows How To Lose To Victory

12/6/10-12/12/10 Week 13: A Bad Opponent is The Only Way To Win

12/13/10-12/19/10 Week 14: The NFC West Will Make For a Sad Division Champ

12/20/10-12/26/10 Week 15: A Bad Loss But Seattle Is Still In The Hunt

12/27/10-1/2/11 Week 16: A Truly Meaningless Game


1/3/11-1/9/11 Week 17: Clinching The NFC West

1/10/11-1/16/11 Post Season Week 1: The Little Team That Could

1/17/11-1/23/11 Seahawks End The Run For Confusing Glory

2/7/11-2/13/11 Back From Being AWOL

1/31/11-2/6/11 Back From The Beyond

2/14/11-2/20/11 New Vegas Owns Me

2/21/11-2/27/11 More New Vegas

2/28/11-3/6/11 Dragon Quest VI: One Great Game With One Big Problem

3/7/11-3/13/11 Color Cross: Another New Addiction

3/14/11-3/20/11 Sports Return: MLS Is Back

3/21/11-3/27/11 Okamiden On A Short Week

3/28/11-4/3/11 3DS Initial Thoughts (Where's The eStore?)

4/4/11-4/10/11 3DS Discoveries

4/11/11-4/17/11 A Short Week

4/18/11-4/24/11 Hiatus Begins

5/2/11-5/8/11 A Slow Return

5/9/11-5/15/11 Random Sports Ramblings

5/16/11-5/22/11 More PSN Thoughts

5/23/11-6/5/11 A Long Lonely Page

6/6/11-6/12/11 E3...Hard To Be Excited About Unknown Prices and Missing Games

6/13/11-6/26/11 Seattle Sports...

6/27/11-7/10/11 It's Summer...So Down Goes The M's

7/11/11-7/17/11 Can The Good of The Sounders Look Better Than the Bad of Netlfix and Mariners?

7/18/11-7/31/11 NFL Returns and Nintendo Attacks Prices

8/1/11-8/7/11 Humble Bundle and DSware...Small Fun

8/8/11-8/14/11 NFL IS BACK!!!

8/15/11-8/21/11 The Good And Bad of CenturyLink Field Teams

8/22/11-9/4/11 Too Much Sports...and Vacation

9/5/11-9/11/11 3DS Ambassador Program

9/12/11-9/18/11 3DS Woes...?

9/19/11-9/25/11 Burnout Does Good While Netflix Crashes

9/26/11-10/2/11 XNA Angers Malik

10/3/11-10/9/11 Just Seattle Sports...

10/10/11-10/16/11 ...Again...

10/17/11-10/23/11 Mass Effect 2...Better Late Than Never

10/24/11-10/30/11 Rocksmith...The Next Step in Rhythm

10/31/11-11/6/11 A Slow Week

11/7/11-11/13/11 Football As I Wait for Wkyrim

11/14/11-11/20/11 SKYRIM!!!

11/21/11-11/27/11 Skyrim, Let Me Go!

11/28/11-12/4/11 Wii Makes Me Sad While Skyrim Makes Me Happy (Despite The Bad Patch)

12/5/11-12/11/11 More Skyrim...And a Decent 3DS Update

12/12/11-New Years Skyrim!!!


1/3/12-1/8/12 Review of 2011

1/9/12-1/15/12 Fighting for My Money...and Q.U.B.E. is Damned Fun

1/16/12-1/22/12 The Fight Is Drawing To Its Conclusion...In A Snowy Battlefield

1/23/12-1/29/12 My Fight Ends and My Current Game Ends As Well

1/30/12-2/5/12 Going Back To Infamous

2/6/12-2/12/12 Super Bowl Sucked and Kingdoms of Amalur looks a Little Weak

2/13/12-2/19/12 Not Much...

2/20/12-2/26/12 Alphadia, Infamous, and Talk of The Sonics

3/5/12-3/11/12 Like Everyone Else, I Talk About Peyton Manning

3/12/12-3/18/12 Mass Effect 3...It's No Mass Effect 2

3/19/12-3/25/12 NFL Keeps Running...and I Start to Enjoy Mass Effect 3 (Just Wait a Week...)

3/26/12-4/1/12 Sick...And Mass Effect's Ending Doesn't Help

4/2/12-4/8/12 Mass Effect Sucks and SSX is Bro-Tastic!

4/9/12-4/15/12 Amazon Download Service Needs To Enter The Modern Age

4/16/12-4/22/12 A Few SSX Observations

4/23/12-4/29/12 NFL Draft and Darksiders

5/7/12-5/13/12 I'm Alive...And Boring

5/14/12-5/20/12 Rebates Should Be In Money

5/21/12-5/27/12 PC Upgrade Was Far Better Than The Eclipse

5/28/12-6/3/12 My PC Is Complete!

6/4/12-6/10/12 E3 Thought...Nintendo Is Looking Like Sega Did Ten Years Back

6/11/12-6/17/12 Psychonauts Is Awesome, But Vista Still Sucks

6/18/12-6/24/12 Back With The Saints

6/25/12-7/1/12 HDMI Problems Solved

7/2/12-7/8/12 Saints Row Once More Is Behind Me

7/9/12-7/15/12 I Post More Than Once In a Week?!

7/16/12-7/22/12 Back To Fighting My HDMI Port

7/23/12-8/5/12 I Get Really Lazy

8/6/12-8/12/12 No One Expects the Dawn Guard Inquisition!

8/13/12-8/19/12 Darksiders II Pulls At My Wallet

8/20/12-8/26/12 I Want Time For Darksiders II

8/27/12-9/9/12 Vacation Time For Malik

9/10/12-9/16/12 NFL IS BACK!

9/17/12-9/23/12 First Win of the Season

9/24/12-9/30/12 Monday Night Goofball

10/1/12-10/7/12 Losing To The Rams Sucks

10/8/12-10/14/12 Seahawks Win on The East Coast and XCOM is Brutal

10/15/12/10/21/12 Seahawks Beat the Pats!  Boom!

12/22/12-10/28/12 Website Woes

10-29-12-11-4-12 Web Sites Can Be Tricky and Time Consuming

11/5/12-11/11/12 I Want to Play Games

11/12/12-11/18/12 Going Back To XCOM (At Long Last)

11/19/12-12/2/12 Sleepy Dogs

12/3/12-12/9/12 Time to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

12/10/12-12/16/12 The Dead Are Walking!

12/17/12-01/6/13 A Long Vacation Comes


1/7/13-1/13/13 The Last Story and Mark of the Ninja

1/14/13-1/27/13 Football is Done for Seattle and Some Serious Thoughts

1/28/13-2/10/13 Wii U and 10,000,000

2/11/13-6/9/13 OK...I Got Lazy...

6/10/13-6/16/13 Microsoft Needs PR Help

6/1713-6/23/13 Sony Kicks Some Ass