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Malik (4/17/09)

I have been more gone than here this week. That can be taken in many ways. I haven't been posting, I haven't been near a computer (or game console), and I haven't had a good sleep...all for the last seven days.

Most of this comes from a combination of good weather (meaning outdoor chores, like lawn mowing and garden planting) and having a new puppy (which means a lot of chaos in the house training area). Put those two factors together and you have one chaotic week. However, while I haven't been up to anything I'd post about (unless planting seedlings now is "geek"), and despite not having any real time for games (about an hour in the last week), I can post.

The post comes in the form of a damned fun sounding Rock Band DLC set for next week. This includes a seven pack for the REO Speedwagon / Styx Tour '09 Pack with three songs for each band and one big collaboration song ($2/track or $11 for the pack) and a three pack of Hautewerk ($2/track or $5.50 for the pack).

As for the oldies, in the Styx/REO Speedwagon set, they will be damned fun. I mean it's sometimes cheesy (especially with Styx), but it's also some great old school rock. I'll take fun music anytime over complicated or annoying (which is how I see Chinese Democracy) any day.


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