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Malik (11/22/10)

Long story short, the Seahawks still cannot get their act together. I have to say, despite some red zone issues, the offense, led by Hasselbeck, looked pretty good. Yes, some drives ended as field goals when they really should have been touch downs, but the offense was still not too shabby. It only got really bad when Hasselbeck knew he had to take some risks to get the team on top.

As far as not getting their act together...the defense could not get Brees off the damned field. Either that, or they got off the field in the only quick way they seemed to know...allowing a quick touch down. I mean it is not like the Seattle defense was all bad. Instead, it was just damned ugly as Seattle refused to deliver on 3rd down. I mean anytime New Orleans should have had a punt situation on their hands, the Seattle D would decide to give either some good yards through a lack of defense, or would give up a first down through a really sloppy penalty. It's one thing if this happens once or's another thing when it's nearly every third down.

Anyway, the one bright spot on the bad day is that the Rams, 49ers, and Cards all lost as well. So, Seattle is still number one, at 0.500, in a division that makes one wonder how bad of a record can any team have while still seeing the post-season. I think the NFC West, this year, will show new lows for making the big time. I also think we'll see the NFC West winner as the first team out in the post-season. After all, how far can you make it if over half way through the regular season an even 0.500 record is the best of the bunch?

I wish the game could have been in Seattle yesterday. Yes, it would have been a defeat no matter where the 'Hawks played with that type of defense. However, Seattle had it's first snow of the year, which is not common to find in November. Hell, snow in Seattle is not likely to happen every year. It would have been nice to at least enjoy a little unusual weather if the team was going to play in it's usual dysfunctional way.

Anyway, it's a nice snow storm in Seattle still today. As a kid, this would have made me beyond excited. I mean snow is the only thing, as a kid, that would make my NES or SNES look boring in comparison. It's sad that when we get older, thought quickly turn to something like, "I'm at work, and it's hard to see more than a few blocks am I going to get home?" Some people say it's the new red Porsche, the mortgage, the Rogaine, the slacks, or something else that marks when one is officially getting old. I think the true sign is when snow goes from being fun and awesome, to being an event that can fill one with a sense of dread.

Then again, my usual commute home of 25 minutes was 3.5 hours tonight...maybe hating snow has a bases in reality.


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