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Malik (8/20/12)

Another crazy and chaotic weekend is behind me. I am starting to think that the weekend is no longer what I want the most. I mean on a work night, I am usually able to manage about 2 hours of game playing. On an entire weekend, I might pick up that same amount of game playing. Two whole days with, supposedly, no responsibilities and I can only manage a couple hours of fun. I think it's safe to say that being an adult can be pretty weak when you are constantly facing responsibility.

I did get a couple hours with Darksiders II this weekend. It was a good couple of hours. In fact, I think any time with this game is a good use of time. I've seen complaints of how the PC version is far too much of a port of the console versions instead of being an actual "PC version". It is a fair complaint to make. I'd love to crank up the visual options on this game and get more options than V-Sync and resolution. I'd have loved it if I could have set my resolution before the game started (you don't get the option until after you finally have control of Death about ten minutes after hitting the new game button). I'd love for the game to pay me money. In reality, things I'd love and things I'd need to make something a worthwhile endeavor are entirely different. In a nut shell, Darksiders II is freakin' sweet, whether you have full video options or not.

As I mentioned, unlike the original Darksiders, this time out you can change the difficulty on the fly. It's a sad thing considering how the first game had an unforgiving increasing scale of difficulty. Meanwhile, this game gives you a chance to change the setting and I've yet to see normal difficulty be anything beyond fun. The game doesn't get impossibly frustrating in a hurry, and it's fun to see how I improve in my playing at the right rate to remain at a neutral level of challenge.

I also have to say, unlike in the first game, Darksiders II has an extra dose of character and plot that makes the game so much more rewarding. War was interesting. Death is amazing and awesome. Between the dry wit he shows, his abilities that would make the Prince of Persia jealous, and combat skills that makes Kratos from God of War look passive, Death is amazing. I've yet to feel anything but addictive enjoyment from Darksiders II. I could be in combat, solving some puzzles, wandering the world, or chatting with the civilians and I remain enthralled. I mean the game gives a very abusable quick travel option, but this doesn't get in my way of me still wanting to travel on foot (or horse) to every location to see if something was missed previously.

As of right now, I'd have to give Darksiders II my nudge for best game of 2012. Of course, I'm also intrigued by Sleeping Dogs. I've watched a friend play and I do want to try it out. Of course, with money being a luxury right now, that will have to wait. Also, with X-Com due out in a couple months, the playing field for 2012 is still very much alive.


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