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Malik (8/23/10)

Even with a loss, I liked what I saw on Saturdays pre-season Seahawks game. I mean it may have ended with a loss, but it is not like the outcome means anything when the pre-season is in town.

Some things do leave me a bit worried, like how the Seattle starting defense just couldn't seem to shut down the Packers. However, the Packers are supposed to have one hell of an offense this season, and it did show.

What I did like is how the Seattle starting offense looked. Yes, for another week the opening drive was crap. However, after that, the points just kept coming in. In particular, I think Mike Williams is going to have a good chance at being the unexpected talent for the season. Despite having big names in their receiving corps, Seattle likes to have unexpected talents come through when the season rolls around. In the past, we had D. J. Hacket come out of nowhere, Jurivicious during the Super Bowl season, and Carlson (may be a tight end, but still a great receiver) was the most impressive part of the receiving team the last couple of years. With his height advantage against most safeties, Williams can be a great standout player in any long bomb situations.

Also, once again, Obamanu is looking pretty good. He may not be a regular starting stars like Branch and Houshmanzadeh are supposed to be, but he has always come through when needed.

However, the best part of Saturdays game was the punting team. Yes, it's sad to say that the punting team is the best part, but when Ryan punts twice within five of the end zone, and then the defense grounds the ball, it is amazing to see. Ryan has a control in his punts that has always stood out. If this continues, it is a great level of assurance that on a failed drive, the Seahawks should at least be giving their less-than-stellar defense a bit more room to shut down the opposition.

Anyway, besides the defense, there is one other spot that Seattle obviously needs help with; Mare needs to stay healthy. The backup kicker (who played Saturday since Mare has a strain or something) seemed to be unable to find any altitude for his kicks. I mean two PATs looked like they were going to miss. How does one kick that poorly in the NFL? However, given how overly important kicking is for Seattle since the mid 00's, Mare will have a lot of chances to get injured. Hopefully he remains strong, or else the Seattle Special (of dinging opponents with field goals) may be shut down.

Still, despite some weaknesses and some obvious holes (defense), Seattle is definitely looking better than they have for the last couple of years. Plus, I'm glad to see that they will not be undefeated in the pre-season. Call it superstitious, but only bad seems to follow an undefeated pre-season Seahawks team...usually it's a losing regular season.


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