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Malik (12/13/10)

The NFC West continues it's path of complete chaos and disorder. Seattle could have knocked the 49ers out of any chance at the post season. Instead, Seattle put up another case of one of their worst defeats of all time. True, a 21-40 loss isn't as bad as what happened against the Chiefs or the Giants this year, but the Chiefs and Giants and both playoff bound teams, while the 49ers were one loss from elimination. I mean the 6-6 Seahawks failed against the 4-8 49ers who don't have their star rusher and have the weirdest team of sub-NFL caliber QBs in the Smith duo.

On the bright side, the Rams failed against the Saints, so Seattle is still, in terms of record, tied for first at 6-7. However, the Seahawks have to face the Bucs and the Falcons before facing the Rams to likely decide the division. If the Rams lose against the Chiefs and the 49ers, Seattle has a slim chance. Otherwise, it's basically over since Seattle has absolutely no chance against the Bucs on the road after facing the NFC number one Falcons next week in Seattle. Home field advantage doesn't do much if your team cannot put together any idea close to an offense.

I would make a joke that at least the Seahawks look better than the Metrodome in Minnesota...but even a collapsed roof looks better than an entire team collapsing. Still, on a serious note, why wouldn't a tougher and more suitable roof style be used in a land that is not exactly known for mild winter weather? The Great Lakes are is known for blizzards, and one, as we saw, can take down the Metrodome roof. Why not try something a bit more suitable for tons of snow and ice? Then again, why try to put all your hopes on an ailing QB who should have ignored his giant ego and retired after the first retirement announcement? That part of the country just seems to have some damned strange ideas when it comes to the NFL.

Anyway, I finished Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the DS. I finished the game when I couldn't take watching the Seahawks anymore. While I'd, overall, call the game good, I was left with one thought when I finished the game; what plot did I finish? I mean the plot for the first half of the game is never resolved. At the mid-point, the plot changes, and while you do finish that plot nicely, you never get around to finishing what you started out to do when the game began. Since the game doesn't obviously point to a sequel like the original Golden Sun did (instead you get "The End?"), I was left feeling a bit deflated after the credits rolled. If a sequel is on the way, I'd be happy, but I hope it's far quicker to come around than the time between any of the previous Golden Sun titles.


Malik (12/17/10)

At least the 49ers went down in flames against the Chargers last night. The weird and sad thing is, with only two games left, the 49ers could capture the division title while currently holding a 5-9 record. This comes down to how the Rams and Seahawks (tied with 6-7 records) have two games that can turn out as defeats (including the Rams versus the 49ers in a week) and then a final game against each other. Right now, even without the Rams playing two games against them (yet), the 49ers are 4-1 in the NFC West, with their only NFC West defeat being against the Seahawks in week 1.

As far as the Seahawks are looking, it's not pretty for the next two weeks. A home game is nice, but not against the NFC best Falcons. Then the Seahawks, who cannot do road games for the last few years, have a road game against the unbelievably good Bucs. However, the Rams have a hard to win game against the Chiefs this weekend, and the 49ers (who are NFC West destroyers) the following week. That can make for a 6-9 record for all three teams leading into the final game of the season. Then it comes down to the 49ers losing and the Seahawks beating the Rams for Seattle to see the post-season.

While this is all beyond sad, since a team with a losing record is almost assured to be the home team in a playoff game this season, it only gets weirder. Does anyone remember around week 6 or 7, when the 49ers had a 1-5 record, when it was said from their front office that they thought they were playoff bound? Yeah, that happened...and it may happen. Seriously, the NFL this year is goofy on it's own without the NFC West just turning it into bizzaro world.

Well, I've been pretty absent from posting or playing games lately. I had the fun of blowing out my shoulder in a rather sad way, which has left the idea of holding a controller or (especially) a guitar shaped controller less than fun sounding. When you're in pain by doing anything other than sitting perfectly straight, anything game related is the last thing on your mind. It's only worse when you are left with Mass Effect 2 staring you straight down each day. I bought ME2 for $10 online during Black Friday, and it's been taunting me since. First I was busy with Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Now that I'm free to play it, the pain is just not worth it for a game I didn't want to buy for anything more than $10.


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