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Malik (1/10/11)

I said last week that the Seahawks had some good points going for them this season, but also a few obvious faults. Well, on Saturday the 'Hawks only brought out their strong points. In fact, no matter how strange it was to say it, the Seahawks put up the most amazing playing in the best game of the wildcard weekend. The Colts vs. Jets, Ravens vs. Chiefs, and Packers vs. Eagles had nothing on the gun fight that was Saints vs. Seahawks. I mean it was the second playoff game to ever have two 20+ point teams at the half, and included the longest Seattle playoff running play of all time (with Lynch's amazing TD run to seal the Seattle victory).

So, I'm just left wondering "what happened?" I mean this was not the sloppy play that made the Seahawks best in the worst division. This was playing that made the Seahawks look like a winning team that was destined for the post-season. Close to 300 yards in the air, no missed field goals (of course Mare is not one to miss often anyway), strong running, good defense, and well coordinated play calling for the most part (the third quarter saw a bit of a problem). This was a rebuilt team, not a team in a rebuilding year. This was also a reminder to the fair weather Seahawk fans that one sad victory over a failing Rams team is not a reason to call Charlie Whitehurst the QB of the future. This was a game in which Hasselbeck was back in great form. Hasselbeck was in good enough form to even run about 60 yards down the field to help block on Lynch's dominating TD run.

The only thing that would make it better would be for the next game to be less uncertain. If only something could be done to ensure an opponent that didn't beat us at home this season. Wait...with Green Bay winning against the Eagles, that happened. The Bears are the only playoff team Seattle faced this season in which Seattle didn't look too shabby. Well, the next game is in Chicago, where Seattle picked up their first road win outside the NFC West in way too many years. So, while Green Bay is facing the doom of Atlanta, in Atlanta, Seattle is on the road for a second chance to beat the Bears in a few months. It's also a chance to keep up some momentum for Seattle playing against Chicago on the road next season. As long as Seattle plays in Chicago like they did two days ago, or like they did back in October, the game should be another chance for Seattle to show the old saying is true; once you reach the playoffs, all teams are 0-0 to start...and after this last weekend, the remaining eight are all 0-0 again.

Anyway, I am keeping this in prospective. I know that the Seahawks are a team that can fall apart at any time. However, can't that be said of all teams? While the odds are against Seattle keeping their skills up to what we just witnessed, it doesn't mean that odds are always guarantees. Odds said that the Saints would win by double digits. The odds after the first nine minutes said no Super Bowl defending teams ever lost after taking a 10-0 lead in the playoffs. I'm good with taking what comes over the odds, but I still understand that the Seahawks are on borrowed time. The real question is, "how much borrowed time is left?"


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