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Malik (12/28/09)

I have been slow on posting since I'm on vacation.  Originally, this meant I was obsessed with rediscovering Lego Rock Band.  However, that lasted for only last week.  I think I did good in that obsession, since I beat all rock challenges, unlocked all but one entourage member, and beat the rock marathon and endless setlists (15 and 30 song random sets).  I feel good with all of that.

That has now changed due to Christmas gifts and birthday gifts.  On one hand, EA has one nice offer now for a birthday gift.  They gave a 25% off coupon for their online store.  This meant I could finally buy the deluxe edition of Dragon Age Origins for the price of the normal edition.  This removed my problem of not wanting to pay beyond the price of a normal game, but while also not being reminded that my game is gimped.  So, after paying just $49 for the deluxe edition, I'm now set.  Or I would have been set, but the download took a couple hours, and the installation took another chunk of time.  This means I've only just started the game, but I'm not too disappointed, yet.

On the other hand, my friend Tangwich set me up with a hell of a lot of diversions.  Between birthday and Christmas, I have Burnout Paradise (I was the one person in our circle of friends who didn't have this and who couldn't join in the online insanity), Valkyrie Profile for the DS, and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (DS; which is, so far, hard as hell but good fun).  That's a lot of games that will probably keep me quite busy for a good chunk of time.  I have to say, Tangwich, you are awesome! 

On a final note before I go back to trying to decide what game I want to kill this vacation day with, that the Seahawks are amazing.  I don't mean it in a good way.

After being destroyed by the Bucs last weekend, I thought they had really hit bottom.  The Colts wiped out the 'Hawks in a bad game this season.  Then the Vikings did the same.  Then Arizona had two runs of kicking blue and green up and down the field.  Now the Packers have made all of those defeats look a lot better after handing the Seahawks a 48-10 defeat.  Really, it should have been 48-3, but Carlson had a nice catch at the end of the 4th quarter.

Only one more game remains this season, and it's against the Titans.  Hopefully, it bad enough to either wake up Jim Mora, since he'll be back next season, or it's enough to get some major changes in place.  As it stands, the Seahawks are a sinking ship, and no band-aid will fix this.  The only solution is to scrap the team and start from scratch.  If another season of trying to "patch the holes" comes next year, it will only be worse.  Maybe that's the current plan for the Seahawks; let the Rams finally not be the worst team in the NFC West (or NFC in general).


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