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Malik (3/7/11)

I'm left with little to really say today. I think my point about Dragon Quest VI and the job system it contains are pretty much stated to death. Still, I'm pushing forward in the game and trying to finish it before too much time passes. I am enjoying my time with DQ6, but when you have a huge backlog of games to play, it doesn't make things smoother by taking too much time on any title. If I had such leisure, I'd still be on Fallout: New Vegas.

After taking out DQ6, I'll have only a short bit of time before Okamiden comes to the DS. This is one of those games, like DQ6, that I don't see myself waiting to play. Okami was a brilliant game, and getting more of it in Okamiden will definitely be worth the time.


Malik (3/10/11)

I have finally downloaded The Silver Lining Episode 3. It came out several weeks back, but it was only now that I downloaded it thanks to one hell of an over active imagination from the Gmail spam filter.

Back in January, Phoenix Online Studios (the people behind The Silver Lining) said the third episode would be delayed. That was the last I heard. Since I never delete Phoenix emails, and since I never marked them as spam, I figured there was just a longer delay than I expected. On a whim, I checked my spam folder yesterday and found that Gmail decided some of my most common email newsletters were now spam. This included Phoenix/The Silver Lining stuff, Petco (I have dogs who I do shop for), Playstation Network, and a few other things I regularly read and don't delete until at least after I have read them. So, why would these now be spam? Only the crazy Gmail spam filter can say.

Anyway, after having to wait for the new episode to download, as well as the previous episodes (my PC has seen a fresh install of Windows 7 since I played Episode 2), it was a bit late to play the new episode last night. It doesn't help that I am still trying to get through Dragon Quest VI, and my mother was good enough to surprise me with a copy of Color Cross for the DS. I have way too many games to play right now, and this isn't even looking at my Steam backlog of downloaded titles from their crazy sales around December of last year.

As for Color Cross; this is a game many will not know about. I'm not sure how old or new it is, but it's a $20 bargain game at Target, and definitely was unheard of by myself before my mother started playing it a week back. After she told me about the game, I knew it was one that I needed. Basically, it's a game for the Picross fans of the world. It's the same general idea as Picross, but with an added twist of having multiple colors on a single grid/puzzle. So, instead of just determining if a square is on or off, you have to fill in every single square but with a different color. You get the challenge of some larger puzzles, like 20x20 or larger, and with a half dozen or more colors available per square. Like how Picross 3D changed the game in how you must think, Color Cross does the same with adding a different type of extra dimension...more like adding a fifth dimension (alternate realities). For being a $20 game, this is amazing. For being a free game (thanks mom!), it is more than one could hope for.


Malik (3/11/11)

There are a few things in life I consider to be far more awesome than other things. I love good food, beer, good RPGs, good puzzle games, and sleep. Saying that, this is the worst weekend of the year for many people in the US. It is the weekend of losing one valuable hour of obtaining life's pleasures...probably sleep. Daylight savings is back.

It's only fitting that a shortened weekend also comes with too many responsibilities. Nothing like losing an hour to a time change, and then losing more time to chores and the like. In my case, the worst chore of them all for a home owner; plumbing problems.

Anyway, I can't say too much right now, since I have Color Cross. Anytime I get a new Picross style nonogram game, I have one thing that always happens; I love myself in the game until every damned puzzle is solved. I spent about five hours with the game yesterday, and I see a good dozen hours with it, between plumbing work, this weekend. For someone like myself, Picross is almost more of a drug than a game with how much of an addictive property these games have on me.

I'm still wanting to finish Dragon Quest VI (I'm probably a few hours from the end, if not more) before Okamiden comes out, but it's not an easy goal to accomplish when I have a grid of numbers waiting to reveal a damned hidden picture to me.


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