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Malik (11/3/08)

Very first Seahawks drive of the game was one play. It was a play that would either set the standard for the day or serve to be a fluke. On a short pass, Seneca Wallace landed the ball in Koren Robinson's hands, and Robinson ran with it. Knowing Seahawks as of 2008, if this was to be the only play of the drive, it would be a fumble. Well, Koren Robinson ran the ball in for the longest Seahawks play in the team's history. The previous long play was in the upper 80-something yard range, and was also from Robinson (back in his first stint with the Seahawks...way back in 2002). 90 yards later, the score was Seattle 7, Eagles 0. Unfortunately, the game had another 55 minutes to go. That was the end of the Seahawks offense, and the defense followed after the first quarter ended.

In the end, the offense and defense just seemed to quit before the game even began. There were some good attempts at plays, but neither the QB or receivers could seem to find each other. Worst of all, the offensive line looked like a really sad joke. The TV commentary team would say that the Seattle O-line must be good to have prevented any sacks (until the fourth quarter), but that wasn't the case. The only thing that kept sacks from piling on Wallace was Wallace's speed and some clumsy attempts to throw away the ball (usually with a risky and fruitless flip). The main problem, for the entire game, was that Wallace was always rushed. A good deal of this falls on the O-line not doing a good job of blocking and defending their leader. Of course, some of this falls on Philly having one damned powerful blitz oriented defense. If you must assign blame, it mainly falls on the O-line, but the other defense was damned good at the same time. Luckily, it wasn't Hasselbeck out there, or he would have been destroyed.

Now the Seahawks, along with the 49ers and Rams, are 3 games behind with half the season done. This means that the NFC West is still open, but it's not looking good. Miami (next weeks opponent) is going to be riding high off of a victory. Arizona is doing great (Warner is still a great QB after all these years). There is not much hope except for some crazy injury plagued teams facing the effect of their own fragile ways. At least Seattle knows how to play with a second or third string player. That doesn't seem quite as true for Dallas and New England (both teams to be faced later in the season). This whole season just feels like a crap shoot of injuries and how any given team will deal with their glass position players.

Once again, for the second time this season, I had to turn off the game before the clock expired. Sigh...


Malik (11/3/08)

I'm back for a second run today for one reason.  Recently I've heard that Comcast has a team that searches the web for complaints about their lackluster service.  This team, supposedly, spends time looking over web searches for complaints and works to sort them out when the online complaint is not so anonymous that the plaintiff cannot be found.  Well, here comes my complaint.  Think of this as my challenge to Comcast.  Prove to me that you give a shit.  In fact, at the bottom of this post you will find my contact personal info...I am going to shed my online persona for one single post in a challenge to Comcast (something never before done by myself).  The gauntlet is being thrown down.

An open letter to Comcast;

About a month ago, a contracted salesman of Comcast contacted me with a deal.  He was wanting to upgrade our service at a tiny (~$2) savings.  We'd go from a Silver Package (digital cable with HBO and broadband internet) to the Triple Play Premier Package.  When he arrived at my home to go over the details in person, he was about 5 hours late.  Great first impression.  So, he promised us this package, the modem (phone+internet) our current DVR cable box and two additional HD cable boxes for one low set price (at least for 12 months).  He even went on to say that if we wanted to keep that price longer, we should just threaten to leave Comcast for a different provider to get our offer extended.  Sounded like a good deal...

A technician came out a week later...well, first one technician came who was too stupid to understand what a doorbell is.  In the modern era, a magical button that signals your arrival should not be so...err...magical.  We even have, in our home, two doorbells.  So, if you miss one, there's a second in your face.  So, after the first technician didn't ring the bell (either one), he left.  A while later, another tech arrived and was surprised to see me at home.  He came in and started to prepare for the upgrade when he noticed something; we have a house alarm.  He couldn't proceed, despite the alarm not being attached to any Comcast related product (it has a cell responder and is attached to my personal cell phone via T-mobile).  So, I waited for another be set for more than a week after the first appointment.

The second appointment came and we got our phone/internet modem installed.  As the tech prepared to leave, I asked a simple question; what about our two HD cable TV boxes?  His answer; what boxes?  He couldn't change the order that we was there to fulfill and said I'd need to contact Comcast to find out what was up.  At this point, I had wasted a lot of my time for only an addition of phone service (which I don't even want...I'm a cell phone person and my home is a landline-free zone).  In fact, I left work early, twice, much to the annoyance of my boss (don't worry, I did at least get approval boss was just in a grumpy mood recently).   In all, I had wasted over a dozen hours of my time on Comcast.  So, I proceeded to play tag team on this by handing off this problem to my wife.  Afterall, when a company screws me around this much, I need a break before things are said that I may regret.

My wife called and was told that we needed a redemption code for this offer.  Well, no code could be found in the original salesperson's quote/offer sheet.  We then were told that the offer never existed anyway, but another one was present that offered our package with only one HD box.  We didn't like this and gave Comcast a chance to correct this problem.  Well, after more than two weeks of phone tag, the call was finally connected for us this evening.  What did we learn?

We learned it was actually no HD boxes.  Only the DVR box we already had an the most freaking ghetto piece of shit standard box we already have (and have had for about 4 years...and it was outdated when we got it originally).  So, first of all, we told the Comcast phone serviceman (who, I might add, was quite helpful despite this situation being very backwards) we were downgrading our service immediately to the Triple Play Preferred Plus Package for a $30 savings.  Then we learn that that price is not real and it's actually a $20 savings (bait and switch, anyone?) least for our area.  This is in spite of me entering my zip code and address to find the prices. 

Then we learn that something else we ordered at the save time (a standard definition DVR box for our an additional cost because it definitely is not part of the package), that should have also been delivered long ago, would require us to drive into Federal Way to pick up.  Federal Way, during Comcast business hours, is not a fun drive.  Let's just say rush hour hits the commute from my home in SeaTac to Federal Way extra hard each day.  Plus, that would cost us gas.  So, I made a simply demand which should not be too hard to fulfill after all the bullshit we have been put through; come out when I am free from 3-5PM on a weekday.  We can get appointments from 2-6, but I am not home at 2 and dinner time is around 6 (cooking must, therefore, start around 5 or 5:30).  If Comcast can welch on their appointments, why can't I demand a more suitable appointment?  In the end, we were basically told, "no dice".  So, after being with Comcast since they first came to Seattle (around 2003) and being with AT&T Broadband before that (who Comcast bought to come to Seattle) for another year or so, and after many flaky service appointments and failed communication from Comcast, I am not allowed a single concession from them.

First of all, my largest complaint is this; this type of business of offering one price and package then not delivering is called fraud.  It's more commonly classified more as a "bait and switch" scam as they changed our package without changing our price to reflect the loss of goods and/or services.  This is illegal, unethical, and just plain dirty.  This is also why, upon getting some time to myself, I will plan to file complaints with the big three; Better Business Bureau, FCC, and the Washington State Attorney General's office.  Why?  Because this is exactly why these groups exist; fraudulent activity by major corporations.

Secondly, I want to see this original salesman fired.  He is not helping Comcast's already poor reputation by adding fraud to the complaint of shitty service and shittier customer support.  Have I ever mentioned I was actually told, about a year ago, when I complained of a DVR issue, that I could quit my Comcast service at any time?  Yes, this was by one of the 1-800-COMCAST phone service people.  Great customer support there! 

So, I'll now ask Comcast (in case this web scouting team really does exist) what I asked their phone support person an hour ago; why should I bother staying with Comcast?  In fact, here's a second question I also asked; what will happen to this original lying sack of shit salesperson who deceived my wife and I and wasted our quite precious time?  I was told he has a discipline hearing scheduled for Wednesday, but that the process is confidential.  I want to know if this type of shithead is allowed to continue doing what is actually an illegal action (deception and fraud to propagate a "bait and switch" operation).  By the way, I do have his name ready if Comcast contacts me...for all of you non-Comcast people, if you need a heads up; avoid Comcast salespeople with the name "Brady" who operate with a Salt Lake City, Utah, area code cell phone/number if you want to be safe (sorry to any Brady named people, with Utah ties, out there who work for Comcast but are actually not lying sacks of crap).

So, to throw down the gauntlet with total authority, here is the real me;

Kevin L. Nelson

S 211th St.

SeaTac, Washington

I expect some answers, if Comcast has the nerve to face me.  I don't want any crap about how nothing can be done.  I just got done with four weeks of that type of crap.  I want something real.  Might I add, I do plan to follow up on this on this site until either I get a response or until I feel that Comcast is completely full of shit and not even worth the effort to complain about (like a certain Florida based former-lawyer who got disbarred this year).


P.S.  I would include more contact info, but this should be plenty for Comcast's team and there are some sleaze bags on the net (even worse than Comcast) that would easily capitalize.  It's bad enough that my email is now going to be spam filled.  Also, this is not the email attached to my cable account...that would be my wife's email, but she's not the one throwing down the challenge.

Malik (11/4/08)

On one hand, I wanted to say I'm now done with Fable 2. Well, I'm done with my current play through and will probably not pick it up again until either a long time passes or until a Lost Chapters style DLC comes along. I have no more quests (except the ones that don't vanish, like donating to the temple of light) and have bought everything (except one house in Bloodstone). I am done. I do have about 21 silver keys to find, but demon doors and gargoyles are all done. I am done.

I am done.

So, I'm back into playing mainly Rock Band 2 and maybe some real guitar. I may break down and get Fallout 3, but I'm not 100% on that decision...yet.

As for my second post yesterday...I feel like explaining a little. Comcast has been a thorn in my side for more than five years. It all started when they acquired AT&T Broadband (the previous cable conglomerate in Seattle). Unless I live in a few small isolated pockets, they are the only cable option...a monopoly that the government actually doesn't stop. This means I have to bend to their will...against my better judgment. At least if I want TV that's not antenna only or a two year service agreement with Dish or Direct. In fact, if not for the two year contract, I would have gone with Direct TV by now (Dish has some nice options, but screwy as hell set-top boxes).

This isn't the first time Comcast screwed me over. I've even complained enough that their support staff once told me "you can quit anytime you want. If you want to quit, then just quit now". Yes, I am vocal when I'm not being treated ethically. However, Comcast never flat-out lied to me about my prices before or my service. Exaggerate? Yes. Lie? No.

Also, I figure that I am not some damned special snowflake. That means that if something involves me, it probably also involves someone else. In this case, a door to door salesperson for Comcast (this "Brady") sold me on a lie of a package. In my neighborhood, I am surrounded by very old residents. These tend to be primary targets for scams. Therefore, I must assume that the elderly are also targeted in this scam of a fraud. While I don't always see eye to eye with elderly people (especially about entertainment and politics), I must respect anyone who has lived long enough to have seen so much that I can only know of from history texts or videos. That is, these are people who deserve some respect, at least until they prove me, individually, otherwise.

So, I sure as hell don't want to see this scam cause any financial issues, especially in such a bad economic environment as we now have, for anyone, especially elderly individuals.

For a breakdown of this;

I started with the Silver package. That's digital cable TV with HBO and broadband internet.

Brady offered, for a small price change (~$2), Triple Play Premier. That's all the same channels as before, plus some more sports and non-premium channels, as well as all the non-PPV premium channels. This also included one DVR box and two HD standard boxes. It's also phone and internet.

Two weeks later we were promised the Premier package, but with only the DVR and a single HD standard box.

Last night we were told the final real deal was the Premier package with one DVR and one standard definition standard box.

In the end, we lost a box (HD) and got a downgrade on a box (HD down to standard def)...and the price never changed. That's fraud and close to (maybe even is) Bait-And-Switch tactics. That's illegal. There's no two ways about it.

So, I ended up with two things I will do or have done. First, I present this on a Google searchable site with my contact info. Comcast is supposedly searching for this stuff online and trying to solve problems in the name of fixing their bad reputation. Secondly, I am complaining to larger entities. This will include the BBB and FCC (governing body for the communications industry, which includes Comcast). For now, it is only the Washington State Attorney General that I've contacted. Complaint filed and done. So, let's just see where this goes from here (with either Comcast or the Washington State AGO).

Sadly, I'm sick and I am seeing plans that seem to have my local government putting a giant fence around my house (literally, all the way around with no gate) due to what is probably a goof on some plans for a really messed up transportation project that never materialized. It's a long story and it involves houses near mine being demolished several years ago, but the government now thinks I live on nonexistent Petoria on Family Guy. I'm also working on my, all of this shit raining down at once is really leaving me disorientated (that's the fever from being sick) and without enough time to get anything fully accomplished in a timely manner. I just need a vacation from the real world, I think.

Oh...and since it's trendy to say even though everyone damn wells knows this already; Vote.


Malik (11/5/08)

Politics is a funny game. Funny because sometimes it's a crapshoot and sometimes it's obvious what the best decision is...but in the end the difficulty of a decision is not important as much as what level of mud slinging or lying is involved. It's like a classic grifting operation. If you talk too much crap, then it'll bite you in the ass, but too little will do the same. You must make yourself look good, but in doing so you need sneaky ways to make yourself look better by comparison to the opponent via dirty ads and promises that cannot ever be fulfilled.

Anyway, some things turned out good last night, but a lot of things turned out poorly as fools either got into office or their foolish concepts become real with a passing of a resolution, initiative, or proposition.

While I am happy about the good results, they will not overshadow some of the bad. In particular, the region I live in (greater Seattle area) got somewhat hosed. I don't mean this from an ideological standpoint of republicans versus democrats or conservatives versus liberals. I honestly hate these tags for people and beliefs when it should be more about the actual issues. However, when it comes down to something concrete, like transportation, it shouldn't be as much about anything more than reality (reality and ideology don't belong in the same breath).

I'll just end by saying that I'm going to get slammed by taxes during a horrible economical time. These taxes are poorly planned out and will lead to some darker days. While the supporters of a certain issue in my region would say it will save me money in the long run, my largest complaint with the results yesterday will not save me money at any time. I'll spend and spend on taxes, while the results are a couple decades out and will be outdated before they ever become reality. However, it will make some people feel like they did a good thing for the environment and for transit...even though it won't...and it will hurt all people in my county (as well as two neighboring counties) with higher taxes while people are fighting to pay their mortgages and to find jobs.

Ok...I'm depressed about a few local results, so I'll just say this, on the note of Rock Band 2; the PUSA songs are great. My only real complaint is that Ladybug is not the best choice they could have gone with and it's definitely harder on expert guitar than the other two PUSA songs (which as a lot of fun to play), despite being two dots lower than the hardest PUSA song from yesterday. I really cannot even see the reason for the challenge being so poorly represented. Still, it's a fun pack.

Also, it looks like, last I checked, the 20 free DLC song is probably delayed until Friday, as of the last time I looked. Doesn't matter much to me since I'll only get it if individual tracks can be removed, which I find doubtful.

Last thing for today, no word from my rivals (Comcast) yet. Still waiting...


Malik (11/6/08)

I don't have all that much to discuss. Primarily, it's because I'm too sick to think straight. If it wasn't for having my day job and it being a chaotic time right now, I wouldn't even be posting. However, since I must get up and do real work, I'll also keep up with posting.

I've decided my next goal is too get some achievements on Rock Band 2. First off, I'm going for the one that requires playing in every venue. Last night I took the time to clear each venue in a city of at least one set (more than one for any city that wouldn't unlock a later venue without more stars in said city). I'm now down to the home stretch. However, that's where it gets hard since some later cities offer nothing but hell on expert guitar (like Singapore and Moscow). No matter, I will still try to finish this on expert if possible...although I see some hard guitar having to come in for the last few venues.

After that, I'll be on to the next goal of finishing the challenges to unlock some band or album challenges and get the achievements for them. It'll take some time, but unless I fully decide to get Fallout 3, then I have nothing more pressing in the geek area to fulfill.

There was an early announcement this week for next weeks Rock Band DLC. Thankfully, we're looking at the Foo Fighters album (Colour and the Shape) that was first mentioned back in August. It'll run $2 per track or $20 for all twelve songs (the thirteenth song Everlong already being on RB2). Not a bad deal for one of the best albums of the 1990's (if not one of the best rock albums of all time).

Now, back to me being too sick to think straight.


Malik (11/7/08)

Not much to post today since I'm pretty much out of it (recovering from sickness and a dull day at work of data crunching kills my thinking abilities). However, I will say one thing to end this week how I started it...

Comcast sucks shit Seriously.  I (you can see, if you check the links) am not just bitching about how they pulled a classic bait-n-switch operation on my household with promised services that were never delivered upon (and hence I got a lower package for the same price, until I dropped my package intentionally due to not putting up with their shit).

If you are too lazy to check the links, I'll summarize it. Basically, if you're waiting for the 20 Free DLC code for RB2 and you haven't gotten it, you should ask a question; do I use a Comcast email address? If so, then you will want to follow the links and see how Comcast decided that free DLC codes is the same as spam. Nice one there. You will also want to follow the links to see how you can get Harmonix to solve Comcast's problem.

Also, to conclude this week of Comcast hatred (well, it's one week now, but it's also been a thing that's been more or less happening for about five or so years), I'll just add that Comcast has not contacted me about any of my complaints. Sadly, with election season wrapping down, I'll have another three weeks before the attorney general office for Washington will step up (busy time of year for them). Oh well...f#@$ Comcast.


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