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Malik (5/17/10)

I thought I'd take a bit of time to go through the levels of World of Goo a second time to get more bonus goo (you need to save a certain number of goo per level, but can get extra for a bonus free-for-all level). I didn't realize that, like with most puzzle games, it just isn't as much fun to go through another time. Puzzle games just don't hold my interest enough to try puzzles more than once since I tend to remember my prior solutions too well. That, and I do good enough the first time that a second run usually results in the same final count on WoG.

On a different note, it's sad to see that one of the rock worlds greatest voices is silenced. Yes, Ronnie James Dio has passed on. While he served as a bit of a joke to music with such weird narratives in his music (his lyrics were always like a metal take on a D&D game), he also served as one of the most recognizably metal voices in existence. Who else could have been the front man for Black Sabbath after Ozzy and the rest of the band parted a couple decades back? Who else could have been the inspiration for young Jack Black in Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny? Who else could have sung about a Holy Diver or a Rainbow In The Dark and not left the songs as horrible jokes?


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