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Malik (9/13/10)

Football is fully back, at long last. Despite what some Seattle locals may say, the Seahawks might have picked up a W, but they sure don't look like winners. I mean when the score was 28-6, I saw flashed across the screen the total yards for Seattle. When you're up by 22 points, and you're total yards looks like a good (but not amazing) day for a single running back, it means you are not earning your victory.

Of course, if you're playing against Smith and the 49ers, there are only a few guarantees. The first being that Gore is the main threat for the 49ers. The other one is that Smith is not going to show off any Pro Bowl level playing. Seriously, the largest liability for the 49ers is the same as it's been for a few years; they don't have a QB worthy of starting.

However, when Gore is being shut down, and Seattle can hold the 49ers to no touchdowns, then I guess some good can be seen. Versus 2009, the Seattle defense is actually not too bad. Yes, they are better than last year, but they sure are not some brick wall of stopping power. Once Seattle plays a team with any form of real offense, I can assure you that this defense will not keep the other team to just a couple field goals. However, there is enough skill present to ensure that the other team will not just run away with the game.

As for the offense...Seattle started with an interception on the absolute first play of the day. How the hell does that inspire confidence? It wasn't always just that bad, but it never became too amazing. While Seattle has a few standout players on offense (Williams comes to mind as the wide receiver Seattle has always needed; tall and athletic), nothing is going to turn heads outside of the Pacific Northwest. If you don't agree, just read it and weep. Yes, that was a final 242 total yards for Seattle. 31 points on 242 yards only highlights that this offense needs to get it's act together. Of course, when the Seattle D spent around four times more time on the field in the first half than the offense did, that's only further evidence that Seattle was lucky to play so bad of an opponent.

During the last week or so, I kept seeing talk of how San Francisco was bound to win the NFC West and to possible get a bye in the post-season due to their weak schedule. I think two things are obvious now; San Francisco and the entire NFC West are up in the air, and nothing is guaranteed this season with so many unusual results yesterday.


Malik (9/15/10)

Sometimes I can't even fathom sports. I mean when you have people go out for only a few weeks with an injury that would make me cry to even think about it, I have to say I respect athletes for what they do for our entertainment. I mean the money is a great motivator, but the thought of the pain that many football players face is not something many people would actively seek out in their professions. However, sometimes I'm left at a loss when I see something like Max Unger being out for the entire season for a toe injury.

I just have to wonder; what type of toe injury causes 15+ weeks of missed playing time? Did Unger's toe get stubbed so badly that it went inside of his foot? Also, is this Unger's decision, a team doctor's decision, or is it just a move to help with roster room?  I know, a big toe injury is not something that can be ignored, but it shouldn't be an entire season long issue.  If anything, Unger would, unless complications show up, be good to play in 7-8 weeks, which leaves half the season for his protective powers on the line.

I would try to look deeper and deeper into this, from a philosophical type of perspective, but I think I'm best off leaving my brain out of football this year. I mean I'm in a region that dumps on the Seahawks no matter what...when they are putting up a bunch of L's on their standing. However, give the Seahawks a single W and the entire region goes ape shit about how "this is the year!" I'm fairly convinced that the game my friend and I watched on TV on Sunday must not have been the same game the local media and many other local fans witnessed. After all, I saw a game in which Seattle defeated a horrible opponent with a lot of lucky breaks. However, the popular opinion locally seems to be that Seattle won entirely on skill.

If Seattle won on skill, then what was with the total yards? Seattle is ranked up there in the bottom ten, right now, for offense based on yards gained. Even San Francisco is up higher, and Seattle beat the shit out of them in terms of points. The only reason Seattle won was a blend of a little skill (holding Gore to less than 50 yards on the ground is impossible with a past good Seattle team) and a whole lot of luck (Smith can't throw to save his life and San Francisco just couldn't manage the clock or play calling on third or fourth down). If Seattle beats Denver in a real solid game, then I may change my tune. However, local fans seem to forget that Seattle shutout the opposition in the 2009 opener...on the way to a 5-11 season.

Anyway, I'm still a bit out of it when it comes to having much fun right now. My main TV (Mitsubishi DLP), which is the best option for gaming in my house, has been down for the last 12 days. I have an extended warrantee with Fry's, but they managed to delay the repair process pretty thoroughly. They contract out to another company (TK Electronics...who have always treated me with respect and have been quite knowledgeable about this TV), but Fry's held on to the service request for (and I am not exaggerating) an entire damned week before sending it to TK. Since it takes time to schedule an appointment for TK to come out and check out the TV, it was not until yesterday that they were able to diagnose the problem. Now, since it's a repair that requires a slightly pricey part (an optical engine), TK has to get authorization from Fry's before they can order the engine...which will take about a week to arrive. With how slow Fry's was to just fax a service request to TK, I'm guessing authorization will not be on the top of the Fry's service departments priority list. Then I need another appointment for TK to come out and repair the TV. If I'm lucky, I may get back to watching sports and gaming on my big screen sometime around the end of this month.

Personally, I wish Fry's would turn down authorization and just allow me to trade in the TV, since it's a bit archaic (and this model doesn't exist anymore...meaning the warrantee would require me to get a new TV of equal value), but I don't see that happening.

What I do see in my future, besides a long wait on this matter, is getting a new TV in the coming year. In particular, a new TV that will allow HD on my PS3 (my TV only handles 1080i, no 720p), and that I will not be getting it from Fry's. Besides Fry's including replacement bulbs in their extended warrantee, I have not seen anything good about Fry's for several years. Their service group has been lazy and slow on the issue of sending a fax to TK, their selection has gone down recently in music and games, and their prices have gone to crap in the last few years...all while prices and selection have become stronger at online places like Newegg and Amazon for the same exact types of merchandise. I am a strong fan of instant gratification (buying something and taking it home immediately instead of waiting for my online order to ship), but I'm just running out of motivation for shopping locally when the options are either Fry's or Best Buy.


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