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Malik (11/12/12)

I have been sneaking in some game time between the trials and tribulations of modern life. That is to say I've finally gotten past the alien base on XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It has taken a month, but the first of three main objectives is behind me. Hopefully this is a start of getting done with XCOM, since I have a few friends who keep telling me how good Sleeping Dogs is. Sleeping Dogs, being a game I bought from Steam at 50% off a few weeks back.

As for XCOM, the game is finally feeling awesome. Now that I've had some time to play more than a minute at a time, and now that I've decked out my group with the best equipment (or some of the best armor still lacks), I am feeling like a bad ass. It's great when you've moved beyond a four person team with human weapons and are playing a team of six high ranked soldiers with plasma based weapons and some armor that can make you feel more sturdy than the glass soldiers you start as.

To shift subjects, I have complained (if not here, then in real life) about Golden Tate and his lack of production for the Seahawks. However, this has been changing recently as he started to make some good catches, as opposed to dropping any ball that hit him square in the numbers. Well, after yesterday, I have to give him props. First off, he catches a touch down. That was a nice redemption and started to make the Seahawks look like they really were going to beat the Jets. I mean, if the Jets beat the 'Hawks in Seattle, then this season is basically over. Well, the game then turned badly for both teams until half time. After the half, the Seahawks started to look better and better, and then we saw Golden Tate pick up a touch down from the other side of things; he has a passing touch down on his stats to go with with list of receiving touch downs. Yes, Tate threw a beautiful ~23 yard pass to Sidney Rice (giving Rice his second touch down of the day). Now that is a nice change of pace from someone who seemed to only have sticky hands for doughnuts.

With the Jets behind them, the Seahawks look like a potential wildcard team. They need to beat the Dolphins on the road (after a week of rest), which seems pretty plausible. Then they face the Bills in Buffalo, but they play at 1PM Pacific Time, which should make things a bit easier. I mean Seattle does best on the east coast when playing at a west coast time. Then there are home games against Arizona (who has turned into crap) and St. Louis (also looking like crap). The only two difficult games will be San Francisco in Seattle, which will be a close one. Then there's the one I expect to be a total loss when the 'Hawks play against the Bears, in Chicago, for like the 100th season in a row. Why do the Seahawks keep facing Chicago on the road every year?

When the dust settles, I see Seattle easily getting a wildcard spot with a 10-6 record. This is a season for the Seahawks to lose the post-season instead of one in which they will need to fight for a small chance.

Final subject shift...the Sounders were fun this season. I think last night, however, put the nail in the coffin. Yes, they could score 3 against LA in Seattle to force extra time, but I'm not feeling a lot of confidence after LA hammered a clumsy Sounders team 3-0 last night.


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