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Malik (11/9/09)

Well, I can't say too much for the weekend. I didn't catch the Huskies game on Saturday since I was pretty busy. I don't even know the result, but I know with UCLA being the opponent, it was probably not too good. I could be wrong, but UW is going through a rebuilding year, so that limits good results for this season. Of course, if Jake Locker leaves to the NFL after this season (and who would risk their health and a larger pay check in order to play a senior year at college?), it may be another rebuilding effort next season.

I did see enough of the Sounder playoff game to have felt good. I missed the heartbreaking overtime, since I was moving a piano for several hours. Anyway, the Sounders inaugural season is now officially over since Huston put the Sounders into a place of oblivion with a goal in overtime. Still, for being the first season, and playing such a defensive team who's won several championships in the last few years, it was a damned good effort that went beyond what one would expect from an expansion team.

Luckily, with the piano move I mentioned, I missed the start of the Seahawks game. I would have turned off the TV at half time with a 17-0 deficit that the Lions put Seattle in. Luckily, I had an hour or so to kill in the middle of doing other things (moving a piano), so I saw the second half and was very pleasantly surprised with a damned good come from behind victory by Seattle. If Seattle lost to the Lions, I think my season of NFL watching would have ended right there. Actually, being a glutton for punishment from the Seahawks, I'd still watch.

Still, this is probably the final Seattle victory of 2009. Once again, the Seahawks are going 4-12 this year. Anything other than 4-12 will only happen if our final few games of the season are against teams that have clinched some post season action, and they want to rest their best players. It's sad when the only guarantee with the Seahawks is that they can only tackle mediocre challengers.

I also finished Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time this weekend. However, I'm not done. I am now in challenge mode (the second play through) to get my weapons to level 10 so I can tackle the option uber-boss. Plus, I'm only a few collectables shy of getting 100% on my game file. I will not get the trophy for beating the game on hard, but I will do almost everything else that the game can offer me.

I obtained a piano yesterday. Moving a piano is as painful as the old time comedy movies would lead on to think. They are heavy and I'm in a world of pain right now. With that in mind, I'm done trying to be coherent and will now crumple into a broken mass.


Malik (11/13/09)

I've been a bit bad on updating anything this week. Let's just say it's been a perfect storm of lame. At least when it comes to my posts. I've had blackouts, lack of computer at work (making me have a need of using my home PC as a work one and not wanting to do any fun stuff when the drudgery is done), chaos at work, and have felt pretty crap-tastic from side effects of a flu shot. In other words...I need this weekend.

The two things I've done is play Rock Band and Ratchet & Clank. I finished R&CF:ACiT this week and moved on to the beginning. I'm now about 1/3 of the way through (my guesstimation could be off) the original R&C. It's hard trying to play this game when I just played all three parts of the PS3 R&CF saga. It's definitely unusual to go back to when Insomniac was being more conservative (more subdued) in the game's trademark wacky ways. Plus, the visuals and controls are definitely not as polished. Most of all, the game plays a lot differently when you don't have weapon upgrades to deal with.

Still, I will aim to finish R&C so I can move on to the next game. I picked up, for about $14, the next two R&C games from Gamestop (used, of course), and I've heard they should be a lot more familiar to a R&CF player.

I also played the new White Stripes pack on Rock Band. I can't say too much since my hands were numb from the cold when I was playing. So, the guitar took on an unnatural challenge as my fingers struggled with anything that was thrown at them. The only thing I can say is that this pack featured another devil head song on guitar (Iggy Thump) that just didn't live up to the challenge of that tier. It's a lot like Almost Easy, except I never could beat Almost Easy with numb fingers.

Speaking of Rock Band, Sgt. Pepper is coming next Tuesday to The Beatles Rock Band. Also, Rock Band is getting the long expected AFI five pack and Walk Like An Egyptian.

I can do without AFI, but everything else sounds fun. It looks like my wallet is going to be hurting next Tuesday.


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