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Malik (12/17/12)

Another week is done and the Seahawks continue to make for a great season. After destroying the Bill 50-17, the team remains looking solid. Better yet, they have won another game on the road, which is something that is definitely needed when it looks like the post-season will be all about road games. After the Packers won versus the Bears, a #2 seed looks farther off...but more so, #2 looks farther away when the 49ers put the hurt on the Patriots (causing a very rare New England home loss in the month of December). True, the 'Hawks can take the NFC West, but it will require a very unlikely 49ers loss in the final game of the well as a Seahawks victory over the 49ers in Seattle next weekend and a home victory over the Ram the following weekend.

I want to say the Seahawks are making me proud, and they are. In fact, some people would call the punt fake poor sportsmanship, but I don't see it that way. There is no mercy rule in the NFL and there shouldn't be. Just because you are dominating another team, you should never let up. I mean this will be pointed out in the national sports news as Seattle being a "dirty" team. However, if the Vikings are winning their last game of the season in a strong showing, are they going to pull out Adrian Peterson when he will be looking at breaking the all-time NFL season rushing record? I think not. If Russell Wilson is a single touch down from setting a rookie passing TD record, and Seattle is beating the Rams by 40 in the last quarter, should they take out Wilson just to "play nicely"? Hell no! The NFL is not for pansies. Seattle has been on the other side of glory many times (like the last 5 seasons) and I never complained about the score, except about Seattle looking like crap. If you cannot take a team dominating, than I suggest you become a fan of pee-wee football and leave your "mercy rules" out of the professional leagues.

Anyway, I have little else to say beyond the fact that Russell Wilson, in any year that didn't include RG3, would be an ideal rookie of the year candidate. He's a solid passer with an amazing rating and completion percentage. He's a great rusher, especially with picking up 3 rushing touch downs yesterday. Best of all, he's a leader on the field. This is the QB that Seattle has needed since the team stopped having a solid O-line (which was what led Hasselbeck to ruin).


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