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Malik (8/3/10)

I have returned from a glorious vacation. Well, glorious if it had lasted longer. Two days off from work, and spending most of that time driving is not the best example of time away from reality.

I was originally counting on spending a nice dose of this time playing Dragon Quest IX. I mean the DS is easy enough to bring with me, and I'd have some down time at night. That fell apart for two simple reasons.

The first being that any down time went to a more needed cause; sleep. After going off of no time off from work and reality since December, I just needed my sleep more than anything else. Once the sun went down, so did I.

Also, being out in the woods, far from any sense of communication technology (the nearest place to get a cell signal, even, was about 7 miles away), I didn't feel like playing DQ9. I mean the game has the online store option that I do enjoy taking advantage of. When you have no internet, this is not really an option. Yes, DQ9 can be played without the online features, but with the end of the game coming quite soon, I really want to take advantage of the possibilities.

Anyway, I have little to post on today. I spent the last four days driving, or out in the least technology filled of areas. The sad thing is I wish I was still out away from technology...sometimes a break from everything considered normal is one hell of a great thing.


Malik (8/5/10)

I have been pretty bad about posting, since I've been pretty bad about using anything technology based or geekish for any purpose beyond bitching and moaning, to no avail, to/about my state government. I feel like I'm sinking into the world of Dayle Gribble from King of the Hill...but without as much fear of being part of "the beast" (existing as myself in trackable ways).

When you spend most of your time trying to get your neighbor to stop breaking the law, it's annoying. When it's the Washington State government, you're just in a useless battle of seeing who can last the longest; the pissed off citizen or the apathetic government employee. Luckily, when I get pissed off, I tend to become persistent to the point of stupidity. In other words, I'm not going anywhere.

I have tried to get some limited time with Dragon Quest IX. I'm not at the end of the normal game (I understand a bit of post-game stuff exists). I want to finish the game, but I also don't want to. I mean once DQ9 is put to bed, I'm back to having no games to play...or at least no new games. I think after my marathon of Lunar games earlier this year, I'm in no particular hurry to resume my nostalgia.

One complaint I have to say about DQ9 is that the online store is just annoying me more and more. Beyond the glitch (if you don't turn off your system each day, the store will not refresh, despite consuming your once-a-day access to download new items), the store can be a little lame. For some reason, Square Enix or Level 5 decided to make theme weeks of DLC content. For example, last week was all about alchemy ingredients. This was fine since farming alchemy stuff is a bit boring. However, now it's "Summer" week, which leaves the shop filled with useless summer costume items. These are items that have almost no in game value, but take up valuable real estate in the store. So, I may turn on the download today and find one or two awesome alchemy items, but I also know that pirate themed shirts await well as white t-shirts, and maybe pearl earrings, and maybe a sun skirt. In other words, a bunch of crap that only is fun if you really would rather play dress up than try to make the most of the challenges that DQ9 offers.

Oh's all a free online feature that's 100% optional. So, who am I to complain. It's about the only good part of online with DQ9. It beats the fact that some optional events can only be unlocked if you play with have to be in the same room as you since it's only ad-hock/LAN style online. The store is also a better use of online than how there's no character development of your party since every character is designed to be disposable due to the chance of you playing with friends (thus kicking out party members at a moments notice).


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