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Malik (11/20/06)  

I didn't get the opportunity to post yesterday.  With t being the start of my first real vacation in an age, I just had way too much to do and...well, you know the rest.  At least I was able to do things right by starting my first real vacation day with some beers with my dad.

Anyway, before I say anything else, I have to say this; the Seahawks need to release Jeremy Stevens...and now.  If you watched the Seahawks game on Sunday, you would have seen two obvious and stupid things.  The first was more of the standard play of Stevens.  A ball coming towards him?  Well, he better keep his arms positioned to allow the ball to harmlessly fall to the ground.  He's running with the ball?  Then he better be ready to fumble with the most impressive of flair.  I really hope that Holmgren gave Stevens a nice knee to the groin after that impressive performance.

The second thing you must see with a Seahawk's game is the complete failure of one side of things at all times.  If the defense is going strong, then the offense better suffer (with countless turnovers).  If the offense is good, then it's the special teams that must suffer.  No matter how the game is played, if it's the Seahawk's who are playing, then some aspect must be crap-tacular.

On a different note, I am still happily living in the last month.  I have no PS3, and  sure as hell have no plans to buy one anytime soon.  With that sort of price tag and with that lack-luster of a launch, I can definitely wait for the circumstances to change.  Plus, it sounds like the 360 is not the only system of this generation to have "technical issues".

As for the Wii...I'm still waiting for delivery.  I should be playing with my Wii (*insert bad joke here*) in a hair over 24 hours.  However, it sounds like the Wii is having some of the amazing technical issues as well.  In particular, a good number of demo units (like those seen in Wii demo kiosks) had made their way into the retail pipeline.  I would include a link, but I'm fighting to type this enough on it's own (my keyboard decided that "I" is an over-rated key...notice any lack of "i" and that's why).  Anyway, if you get a Wii that demands you to enter the "start disk" or something like that and that's the reason.

It doesn't help that the Wii, like with any recent console launches, is lacking in the accessories department.  I don't mean that there are no accessories, but rather that there are none available in stores.  Once I have my Wii in hand, I can assure you that I don't want to be the only one playing with my Wii at a given time (*insert a half dozen jokes there).  However, this was the same situation that we saw with the 360 and it's controllers and battery, it comes as no surprise.  I just hope, while Nintendo is pumping out the consoles, that some more Wii-motes and nunchuks comes along soon.

Anyway, I think it's time I stop this post and run out to buy a new keyboard (and then play some more FFV current addiction).  Hopefully, I'll be able to post some Wii impressions tomorrow.


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