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Malik (6/18/12)

After spending countless hours upgrading my computer and countless hours trying to find a good game to really push the limitations of my new hardware, I settled, for the time being, on Costume Quest and then Psychonauts. That was fun, but it didn't really let me see if I had made a beast out of my PC rig or not. So, last week I gave a few games some time to prove their worth to me. These are games I've been sitting on for several months after Steam sales of the past.

I started with From Dust. It really looked good, but since the game didn't offer real video options (just what GPU I was using and a resolution based on HDTV resolutions), it did not offer much help. It also doesn't help that From Dust is one of the most polished looking equivalent of a casual puzzle game I've ever seen. I am not in the mood for casual puzzle, and the game seems like a turn off for those who would want one due to the visual style and polish. In all seriousness, the game just felt lame, confused (on how it is supposed to be), and it doesn't help to have some major bugs (AI seems almost impossible to understand since it just cannot keep up with the changing world). In other words, I put From Dust back on my virtual shelf in Steam to go back and gather more (virtual) dust. From dust and back to dust you shall go.

I also tried LA Noire, and had a little fun. The one problem is that this is not the game I'm in the mood for right now. Luckily, the visuals are awesome and it really seems to take advantage of my hardware. Sadly, I'm more in the mood for open world with action instead of open world with drama. One day, I'll probably return to the game...for now...

So, with a new monitor showing up today (Dell 24" IPS that handles 16:10 instead of 16:9), Bastich told me that it would look really good with Saints Row The Third. Thinking of how I wanted open world and action, and remembering all the fun that Saints Row The Third gave me, I'm back in the game. Starting from scratch, I'm really to give the game another run with the technology side running full on. All visual options are set to maximum and the game looks so much better than I remembered (of course, I remembered with a 8800 GTS, 6GB of DDR2 RAM, and a E6800 Intel CPU). I think, no matter how much I usually find replaying games to be boring, some games will always win out on replayability. Saints Row The Third, for now, seems to fit up there with Xenogears and Chrono Trigger as games worth revisiting.


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