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Malik (10/22/07)

I am glad to say that my wrath has been escaped or something.  Ok.  I'm glad to say that the Seahawks have finally remembered what it's like to a play a half assed game of football.  I'm not going to call their performance yesterday as a good game.  It was not a good game by any means when you look at the running game.  If you are right now getting ready to look at some sports site to see this running game I spoke of, then you'll be looking for a damned long time.  The running game is impossible to find since it did not, once again, exist.

On the bright side, the passing game was solid.  There were some issues, especially early on between Engram and Hasselbeck.  They seemed to have forgotten that in 2005 the two of them knew each other and knew each other's playing style.  Instead, during the first half or so of the game, Hasselbeck would throw balls to a non-existent receiver as Engram either stopped his route early, kept running beyond where he should have been, or simply did not see the ball until it was plopping into the ground by his feet.  Yes, they did have problems, and yes the team needs Branch and Hackett back.  However, the passing game still did materialize and helped the Seahawks to dominate another team into a painful score that reminds me of the San Francisco game earlier this season.

Best of all was watching Tapp sack Bulger like it was nothing.  Despite having a giant club of a hand, Tapp still would maneuver through the line and find then eliminate his target.  Quality playing and without a doubt Tapp was the MVP of yesterday.  He kept up solid pressure and helped to eliminate any chance for Bulger to feel some comfort in the pocket.

Now if only the offense could play solidly.  However, I think the upswing of these dark days may be upon the Seahawks soon enough.  Next week is a bye week and a chance for the injured to recover and for the team to learn what the hell they are doing.  Best of all, there's a good chance Hasselbeck will have time to recover from pulling his oblique yesterday, Hackett and Branch can both come back from their sprains, and maybe Alexander will have the time to heal from his wrist injury.  Despite how crappy Alexander has been lately, I still feel more of it is from his injury than anything else.

Does that give him an excuse to do poorly?  No.  Instead it places more of the blame on Holmgren, who keeps Alexander in the game.  A rusher who likes to go up the left and cannot carry the ball in his left hand (the injured limb) should not be in the game.  Alexander cannot stiff arm anyone, we cannot push back, and he can only try to absorb or dodge a blow.  That is not how any player should be when they are running with the ball.  Plus, in a short pass situation, as we saw last night, Alexander cannot catch unless the ball is softly tossed right to the middle of his jersey.  So, yes...Alexander is playing like crap.  However, while a little blame is on him (he keeps asking to go back in the game), the majority should be on Holmgren.  Alexander wants back in?  Tell him no.  Holmgren has Morris on the bench for most of the game, not to mention Seneca Wallace who can rush like a mad man when he's QB and run with a reception when his a receiver.  Put either, or both, of these players in until Alexander is 100%.  Then, when Alexander can return, he can get back into running through the defense like it's nothing.

Off of football, I did get Tony Hawk's Proving Grounds (360) last night.  I have not played much, but I can say a few good things.  For one, the stuff from the demo is not exactly the same in the normal least not yet.  The stuff with the agro kick is the same, but the first professional career test does not include some douchebag demanding that you go away with the stereotypical "you don't belong with us" bullshit.

I can't say much else, since I've only created a skater and played the first hardcore and professional goals.  I've yet to try out rigging and have just been enjoying exploration and all of that.  However, I did explore the options menu to play the GH3 demo.

I can't say much about the real game, but the demo leaves me thinking a few things.  First of all, this game will bring back the challenge that disappeared with GH Encore.  The five songs on this demo cover some range of challenge, but all of them (except Even Flow) bring in some touches of challenge.  The Pat Benetar song does not bring hardcore challenge, but even it brings some little bits of challenge.

Also, the other big thing I noticed is that the star meter is now a set of solid lights.  I don't like this.  I felt like rocking the tremolo (whammy bar) during a star passage did nothing to boost my star power, and it's hard to tell how much you actually have (or how much remains when star power is live).  I think the old meter was solid and made the game simple enough and clear enough...the new light system just feels like change for the same of f$#@ing things up...I mean...change for the sake of change.

On the bright side, the audio is sharp and the songs sound good.  Using an optical cable for sound from the 360 to a surround sound, and with this makes me feel good.  Very good.  As long as all of the other songs on this game (the final game) sound this good, it should be a solid game to keep anyone entertained until the main course arrives...on Black the form of Rock Band.


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