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Malik (10/15/12)

There is simply no controversy. It was a clean game with clean plays, called by clean refs, with even a nice downpour of water to ensure is all ended up clean. Yes, the Seahawks beat the Patriots. More than that, Russell Wilson beat the Pats, instead of simply hoping that the defense could pull another rabbit out of their hats. The number 1 defense in the NFL had a battle with the number 1 offense, but it was the rookie QB who took over the game in the final minutes to throw two amazing touchdowns after most Seahawks fans were expecting a L to end the day.

I honestly cannot believe that after Seattle punted with less than four minutes left that any result could of come that was not going to be the Seahawks coming up short. However, at the end, everything about the game made it look like the Seahawks could be a real team with real potential. Between Sidney Rice throwing a long bomb down field (that would have picked up about 40 yards if pass interference didn't come in and give the 'Hawks 40 anyways) and Wilson throwing to Edwards in the endzone, having pass interference called, and Edwards still pulling out a touch down from a lost play, it looks like the Seahawks can actually hold their own against some of the big boys in the NFL.

The most amazing part of this win is when you look at the fact that Lynch was held to 41 yards. I would say this was one of his worst performances on the Seahawks, but the fact is that the Pats came in with the defense ready to shut down the running game. The Pats knew that Seattle was dominant on the ground, and not in the air. Lucky for the Seahawks is that Wilson was allowed to break free from his previous performances. No longer would the air game be locked in to some ill fated fade passes and some short screens. No. Wilson was allowed to air out the ball and make some major plays.

The best part is when you see the Seahawks win on a day that saw the 49ers fall flat (as in 26-3) to the Giants, the Rams lose to the Dolphins in a tight game (playing against Miami should never be a close game), and the Cards losing in OT to the Bills, this makes the Seahawks now one of three strong teams tied for first in the NFC West. Even more amazing is how after six weeks, not a single team in the supposed NFC "Worst" is holding a losing record. Of course, the true direction of the division may be coming to light on Thursday night when the 'Hawks go down to San Francisco to put one team in a true first place spot for the division.

Anyway, it is hard to write today since I'm still in a state of shock from such a great team performance. If this is who the Seahawks really are, then Thursday night will be an amazing test of defense against defense, and newly found offense against Alex Smith. Sorry 49er fans, but I'd take just about anything over Alex Smith.


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