Malik  (5/27/04)

So, I've been away a while.  Once again, I have a good reason.  I have switched over from the free web space dealio to a real domain (which is not on...) via Brinkster.  However, Brinkster made some sort of mistake with my account order and thus I was left without an updateable site until yesterday.  In the mean time, I could have written posts that would have only been unreadable by the public, but that seemed freakin' lame to me.  So, I took some time from writing my usual posts and reviews and columns to instead write Brinkster...and after the fourth email, I finally heard back from them saying my account was up.  Well, almost domain is still not registered, and to tell the truth, anger is one of the feelings I am having about this.  I'm also feeling like my money is being wasted (I payed for my account over a week ago and just now have a viewable the WRONG address).  However, I will hold faithful to Brinkster, for the time being, and hope they will get my domain up before another week passes...and if not, they claim to have a 30-day money back guarantee.  Hopefully, it won't come to the money back option.

At least it's easier to deal with the bullshit of this situation since I'm now that required "over worked guy" at my job; I realized that when the previous "over worked guy" turned to me, started laughing, and then said how he couldn't believe how much shit I had to do at work and started listing my projects (which took about 5 minutes...just to list my projects...sigh...).  I feel like life is shitting on me right now, but that is easy to remedy when I get home and beat the crap out of a character in a video game...that is when I realize why I do this site...

Anyways, on to the more enjoyable side of things.  I'm still playing away at La Pucelle Tactics and loving it.  The game does feel a bit dated in comparison to Disgaea, but it is too fun to let that get in my way.  I've recently got addicted to the nature of miracle attacks and the mass profits they can give you.  If you have LPT and don't understand, go to the Hall of the Dead (I think that's the's in the sewers and is the first room to the bottom left of the entrance room...the room in which the game teaches you about miracle attacks) and get a miracle set up with all the dark portals hooked together into the loop (using some change-ups) and all of the portals inside the loop area.  Once it's set up, purify one of the portals, and enjoy.  If all the portals are in the loop, you'll get massive cash and the double purification bonus for purifying all the portals.  Not only is it a good way to establish some cash early on (I've gotten up to about 81,000 in chapter 2, when I started doing it), but it also gives one some puzzle elements to LPT as one decides which portals to hook up and how.  Also, try to get the path of the dark energy to zig-zag and cover as many squares as possible for extra money.

Well, speaking of LPT, I have a need to play.  I also need to write a review, and I will...but that takes some time.  Also, since I missed Malik's Bitchings last week, I will have one of those up tomorrow.


Malik  (5/30/04)

Well, I ended up being offline again, which was definitely not something I was wanting.  I ended up with no help from Brinkster, whom I can now call my old web host instead of my host.  I decided to try going with another web hosting service; being this time.  Well, so far, so very hella good.  I am hoping for my domain name to be up in a few days, but until then, since I can see my files actually being put up on the web, I am good to go in terms of writing and posting.  For those who want to get ready and can actually see this page, which is a relatively low number of people since I'm at a temporary space; I will be found at in a few days.

Until that happens, I will be spending some time updating the pages to reflect my soon to be new domain name and playing with some of the great features that are included with my account.  Also, I will be delayed in my posting of Malik's Bitchings for another week.  If Brinkster would have panned out, my latest column would be up, but since it didn't work out, I gave up on editing and writing the last few paragraphs for the time being.  However, that will all change in just a few days.  I personally like to keep the Malik's Bitchings restricted to Fridays (with the exception of special geek occasions, like E3), so, I must ask for a little patience.

For now, besides being greatly relieved by my now almost 100% functional (will be 100% in only a few, I feel like a kid at Christmas) web site, I've been playing a little less La Pucelle Tactics in order to make room for Mario Kart: Double Dash...what can I say?  I broke down and decided to actually buy the disk since my previous connection is no longer in the picture.  Well, I normally don't like to post on a weekend, so I'll wrap things up here...however, expect some good things in the next week.  Booya!