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Malik (10/11/10)

This was an interesting weekend. I saw, on Sunday, the Seahawks start the day in a three way tie for the top of the NFC West. By 1PM, the Seahawks were in a two way tie for first. By 4:30, the Seahawks were bumped down to second without ever touching the ball...more so, they fell in the standings by Arizona somehow beating the Saints by 10! Considering next Sunday the Seahawks are playing in Chicago, it's safe to say their standings will not be helped any.

However, even if Seattle cannot win on the road, I'm still hyped for the game. I mean Seattle can finally try out Marshawn Lynch, and I think some nice surprises may be in store with a back of his amazing potential and skill. Beast Mode is going to be unleashed. At least that should be the plan. I wouldn't be surprised, however, if Pete Carroll continues to use Justin Forsett as the starting back...which would be nothing better than a mistake.

Don't get me wrong; Forsett is an awesome back. However, he's small and agile, unlike Lynch who is just a, well, Beast. Forsett needs lanes to run through, while Lynch will make lanes out of the corpses of his opposition. Sadly, Forsett is wasted in Seattle since no one on the line seems to understand how to do any blocking for the run game. Until blocking becomes a reality, Forsett is not a good starter. He's a great player, but he's not getting the team to support him in ways that he needs.

At least the other side of the "football" word is looking good right now. The Sounders FC scored a second consecutive playoff spot. Two years in the post-season with only two years of MLS play. Add in two consecutive US Open Cups, and it's easy to see why Seattle can get behind the Sounders FC so easily. They are the only real home team (not counting the Storm...but the sad reality for WNBA fans is that no one counts them for much, and Seattle sure doesn't like anything with the three consecutive letters of N-B-A) that seems to put in solid effort on all fronts on any given day. The Seahawks quit if their on the road and the Mariners have just quit for the last decade.

On a final different subject for the day, I have to say something about Rock Band. With RB3 due out in just over two weeks, I've started to pay some attention to DLC again. I've ignored DLC almost entirely since the spring. I've just been too poor for it lately.

Well, I am getting pretty excited and hyped with what Harmonix has been cranking out. The last few months have seen a nice dose of REM, Bob Marley, Stooges, Bad Religion, and tomorrow finds more Hendrix! As long as Harmonix keeps this going with pro-charts and three part singing when RB3 comes along, I am more than ready to devote my life, once again, to the awesome time suck that is Rock Band.


Malik (10/12/10)

In the time of bad economies, one cannot help but wonder about the conversion rates of other types of commodities, beyond money. For example, comic books are dropping lately in value, as are sports cards and other memorabilia. Of course, some games go up in price each year, as games like Suikoden 2 become more rare and harder to find someone parting with them.

In football, a first round draft pick, put in the bank, loses a bit of value over the years. I mean it only takes about half a decade for a first round pick to turn into a fourth round. Yes, after Seattle gave a first round pick to the Patriots in 2006, Deion Branch is going back to Tom Brady for only a fourth round pick. Still, it's not too bad of a deal since Seattle has another Deon/Deion or two in the wings at all times. This year, Seattle has the much more amazing (and less expensive) Butler to fill in for passes in the field.

Considering how Branch didn't pan out in Seattle (two or so years of major injuries doesn't help anyone's stats), it's obvious Branch cannot stay. Seattle, for once, has an amazing corps of receivers in Butler, Golden Tate, Mike Williams, and can get some receptions from Carlson, Robinson, and Obomanu. Branch was just an extra in this very busy depth chart. Plus, this brings in a new fourth round pick to replace the one traded for Marshawn Lynch.

Hopefully, since he was a good guy when he wasn't the best of players, Branch can find his groove again with Brady and the team he did get a Super Bowl MVP while playing with.


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