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Malik (7/29/09)

I've been out the first two days of this week for a damned awesome reason; vacation. Is there any better reason? I think not. Of course when the temperatures are breaking records and we're now expected to break the all time high temperature today at Seatac Airport, it makes vacation less fun. I mean all I did and all I wanted to do was stay inside in my AC controlled house with a lot of alcohol.

Yesterday I played some of the new Rock Band DLC. I should say I played the Weezer Pack 02 and The Rock Show from Blink 182.

The Rock Show is pretty standard. I mean it's not too boring, but it's a lot like Dammit, but with a bit more constant of strumming. There is a small guitar break in the first half of the song, but it's mainly just single notes being strummed non-stop at a very constant and set tempo. Still, if you like the song, then you'll be good with this type of chart.

As for the Weezer Pack 02, it's a mixed bad. I mean I enjoy all three songs, but the chart styles are varied. Pork N Beans and Undone both use very simple single notes being plucked out before hitting a chord heavy chorus. It's not hard (I think both are zero dots on guitar), although Undone does have a nasty moment in its solo. If you're looking for a 100% on expert guitar song, then Pork N Beans is another that fits in with Roxanne and El Scorcho.

As for My Name is Jonas, the song features one tricky chart on expert guitar. I do enjoy this version more than the GH3 version, and it feels a bit trickier, but more enjoyable. The single note plucking parts are now all hammer-on notes with a single note that must be strummed from time to time. Then you have good two note chords for the rest of the song. If you're good at expert guitar, but devil faces still give you some dread, then this is a fun type of chart (it's four dots) since it has some easier recovery areas (the chords) sandwiched in with some nasty hammer-on sections straight out of the style of the start of Wanted Dead or Alive or the solo of Last Train to Clarksville. In other words, this is a damned fun, but very unforgiving, chart.

Anyway, that's it for today. It's too damned hot to think straight and all I can think of is how much I dread August, which is typically far warmer than July in the Seattle area. If we're hitting triple digits (with a staggering humidity to really bump up the pain) in July, what will August leave for me?


Malik (7/30/09)

Yesterday was recorded at 103F at Seatac Airport. That's an all time record for the Seattle area. However, in my micro-climate (or should I say where a thermometer is, in my eyes, more reliable in it's placement) it was 109.4F at the peak of the day. That makes for a bad day, mentally, for myself. I am not a hot weather person, and my brain feels fried. There is nothing like going outside after sundown and still having temperatures higher than the usual high temperatures for your region.

Anyway, at least it just makes for sillier times with Rock Band. RB is about the only game I can stand in the high heat. I think it's because I'll probably end up sweating anyways, and since beer goes well with RB and high temperatures, it's a perfect match. A sweaty, tipsy perfect match.

Anyway, since the high today is once again not friendly to life, I cannot post much as I'm in a constant struggle to remain cool while also constantly watering my garden, which is not suited for this type of high heat level.   Also, when you have constant internet outages, probably due to overheating of equipment, it makes it hard to even find things to post about while my brain slowly cooks.


Malik (7/31/09)

Finally there is some cool weather in store for my home region. Of course, if it wasn't for being over 100F for three days in a row at my home, I doubt I'd call a projected upper 80's "cool". Still, this should be enough to make my brain snap out of it's heat induced funk.

Anyway, before I get into anything else, I have to say that Rock Band is looking awesome for another week in a row. This time it's Spinal Tap's "Back From The Dead" album. This is the album with re-engineered classics songs like Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight and Stonehenge, as well as some great new tracks. For 11 tracks at $18, I am quite happy with another week of awesome. Plus, I've wanted Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight for a long time since it was so damned great on Guitar Hero 2.

As for other things, I'm still not fully with it. It's not that the heat is still killing my ability to put words to type, but rather just dealing with the hassles of stupidity. For now, my complaints are aimed at ADT (the security company), instead of Comcast...and that's not something I can usually say. I mean Comcast is my natural enemy, and I'm actually not happy or angry with them for once.

However, when I get the strong impression that ADT is trying to f#@$ with my household and that they are also trying to f#@$ with our bank accounts, it leaves me quite upset. Long story short, they want money for doing nothing and they want to force ridiculous five hour service windows (at least Comcast sticks to only four hour service windows) to pay for a technician to fix a problem that we were informed is pretty widespread. This is after already almost paying (we bitched and moaned to get the charge reversed) for a technician to come out and not do a damned thing when he realized he needed a f#@$ing battery. How hard is it to come to a job prepared with such essentials for your duty, like a battery for a alarm system technician.

I have a feeling that if we get charged for repairing a widespread problem, I'll have the fun of going through alternative routes to solve the issue. Routes that range from changing to another company and also include battling any charges via the State's Attorney General's office.

Hopefully this will be sorted out before next week so I can stop dwelling on non-geek things. However, until then, I just want to give a big "f#@$ you" to ATD for putting me into a situation that is nothing short of idiocy, on their behalf.

Update:  So, just to bitch more about the incompetence of ADT Security, I have been home waiting for my service appointment with the insane "noon to 5 PM" window of time.  Well, around 3:30, 3.5 hours into the appointment, I got a phone call from ADT telling me I would not have a technician out there today.  Talk about quality service.  That last sentence was obviously sarcasm, but in the internet text world saying so is usually needed (so it doesn't look like I'm paying any idiots a untrue compliment).  Now I have a new appointment window, for next week.  I can assure you that my service appointments will either be free, or my service with ADT will become quite free when I transfer over to the wonderful world of "any competitor" business (like Broadview, formerly Brinks, who has a quite good looking offer).  At least, for now, my alarm works well enough to keep my home secure...just not up to the performance level we're paying for.


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