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Malik (7/14/09)

I didn't post yesterday since I was recovering. For once it was a good type of recovery...not sick, but going to a concert late Sunday. You know you're getting old when you need a day to recover from one night in the mosh pit.

Anyway, I saw The Mighty Mighty Bosstones at the Showbox Sodo in Seattle. I can't say much except this; the Bosstones put on one hell of a show every time I've seen them. I mean it's a pure blast of pure energy for a good hour and a half. When you add in the Voodoo Glow Skulls as the opening act, it's only that much more insane.

Anyway, they played a song that will be on their next album. I liked the sounds of that, even if the song was not the best I've heard from the Bossones. I like it because I assumed the band was more or less done with anything serious since they rejoined after their short lived break up. It's good when old bands come back from the dead.


Malik (7/16/09)

It's been hard to post lately. I am healthy and without any real excuse. I just have a cross between almost nothing to talk about since I haven't been playing much in the way of games and talking about my newest guitar addition is boring for this type of post, and there's the fact that my mind is feeling exhausted. That one is a bit less boring, but still not interesting.

I'm feeling worn down, mentally, since I'm dealing with a person on a daily basis who really is just the pure unadulterated definition of uninteresting. That wouldn't be bad, except this person is determined to be interesting to others. This means I spent a good part of my work life, which is sadly a bulk of my waking time each day, dealing with someone who is reminiscent of Buzz Killington from Family Guy (the character dubbed the ultimate buzz kill).

It's enough to make me wish I could just be a jerk. I don't mean like juggling small animals or anything evil. I just wish I could, both as a person and as an employed person, be able to just tell someone when they are being a waste of the precious gift of life. To be able to just tell someone, "you know what would help me a lot right now? If you'd die." However, that's not in my ability. I am not a jerk by nature, and I like having a job (since it's needed to pay the bills and all that good stuff).

I don't mean to sound like some ass, but it's just hard to keep my mind working right when I deal with someone who can ask and state so many stupid things each day. I mean I have a grammar whore, who appears to have no interests outside of working (and would be happy to take his/her work home with him/her), who tries to make witty comments that come off as witty as the average ABC sit-com writing of the 1990's. In other words, the most uninteresting, yet highly annoying, person I've ever been unfortunate enough to encounter.

At least, on the bright side, being around such a dumbass all day makes life more awesome when I leave work each night. However, that's not a good enough consolation prize for watching my sanity slowly whither and die as I deal with some comment about how I improperly used a possessive word in a sentence that would call for some other adjective or some "witty" remark about "what did Molly do to you?" (with a lame self depreciating giggle thrown in...since this person is "witty" enough to tickle his/her own funny bone) when I wear a Flogging Molly shirt to work.

Anyway, I don't mean to ramble about pointless bullshit. I'm just trying to state a simple fact; my mind is under constant assault for six to eight hours each day and it makes for one hell of a hard post to formulate when the day has come to an end.


Malik (7/17/09)

Once again, I don't have much to post unless I want to go off on another rant about how much people are annoying me. I mean there are a lot of targets for an unleashing of my bitchiness. I could always go off about people tied in to my work about now, since there are some poorly conceived ideas that don't seem in line with the whole idea of being in a recession. I could also go off about the direction of various things that entertain me, like how I wish a good RPG could find its way to me about now, but it will not happen since creativity is dead in gaming for the summer and RPGs tend to need creativity. I could even bitch about myself for a while, since I know I'm not flawless and I haven't been doing myself any favors lately with how slow I've picked up my usual pace after being sick.

Anyway, with a whole lot of nothing to talk about without just sounding like the stereotypical cranky old man, I will keep this short today. The only bright bit of reality for me right now is that I'll be seeing Social Distortion tonight. I guess that far outweighs the stupidity. However, I could still use something good right now that doesn't involve some sort of pseudo-appreciation towards Ticket Master.

On another bit of good news, Rock Band is going to be fun next week. It's been a while since I've felt motivated to buy any new songs, and it's finally time next week with some Rancid and Rise Against. In particular, Ruby Soho and Timebomb have always been good nostalgia for myself. However, just seeing one of my favorite not-Social Distortion songs, Prayer of the Refuge from Rise Against, is enough to make me happy about Rock Band for the first time in about a month.

Now if only I could get something larger to make me feel happy right now to get my mind off of all the annoyances that keep coming to the front of my life.


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