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Malik (12/23/08)

Who needs to post and modern technology when it's a snow filled wonderland?  Ok...people who need to get to work or other obligations.  Luckily, with vacation on my hands, and a dentist unable to see me, I was able to take in the freedom and joys of being a kid on a snow day.

This last weekend saw the final chance for redemption for Holmgren.  Last year, on the road, Favre beat Seattle with his Packers.  This was the last playoff game that Seattle has seen, as of now, and it was ugly.  Once the snow fell, the Seahawks came tumbling after it.  This time, at home, in a blizzard, Seattle beat Favre and his playoff seeking Jets.  The tables turned and the game was beyond awesome as Wilson repeatedly snatched passes from the most intercepted QB in NFL history.  Even if Seattle lost, in this final home Seattle Holmgren game, it would still be an awesome game to watch as the snow piled up.

Anyway, I'm now enjoying the realities of snow.  By that, I'm being sarcastic.  I have my mother's birthday dinner to get to tonight, and up to a two feet, in places, of snow to shovel from my driveway...with a normal shovel (no useful and intelligent snow shovel for me).  My next two and a half hours are looking bad.  At least the snow is no longer accumulating.

On a final note for today, I downloaded the new Foo Fighters three pack for Rock Band.  A word of advice; don't play them if you've been playing in the snow.  Partially numb hands will not be good, at least on expert guitar.  DOA is not too bad.  It's fast, but manageable.  Times Like These is horrible with numb fingers since there's a lot of three note chords that keep shifting (similar to the shifting in Learn to Fly, but more frantic).  I only squeaked by with 4 stars on that one.  This is a Call is easy enough, for a Foo Fighters song.  However, with cold hand the bridge is nasty as hell.  Still, got five stars on the first and last song, with four on the middle.  I think gold stars is going to be easy enough on all (maybe a bit of a challenge on Times Like These) once I have full feeling in my fingers.

Overall, the big take home message on these songs; if you like Foo Fighters, then rock on!


Malik (12/23/08) Part 2

Harmonix has an early DLC announcement this week (it is a major holiday week).  It's four songs for $2 each (no pack deal).  Beyond one song from Snow Patrol (Take Back The City), it's some classic rock stuff.  There's Deep Purple (Space Truckin), James Gang (Funk #49), and Jethro Tull (Hymn 43).

First off, it's cool to see some more classics coming to RB.  Secondly, it's about f#@$ing time that Deep Purple got some DLC.  Now if only it could have been a pack and included a little of everyone's favorite Smoke on the Water.  Still, classics are always good, and that little extra boost of Snow Patrol definitely helps to balance out the variety issue to keep fans of newer stuff more interested.

On a final note for today, I know some people have to be asking that lame question; why couldn't we get some holiday music?"  All I can say to that is that if you are one of these people you need to ask yourself a question; do you really want holiday music?  Do you really think, in the dead middle of the summer, you'd still want to play that shit if it came up on a random set list?  Holiday music only belongs in the holidays, and this doesn't work with a DLC library like RB utilizes.  Random sets, marathon challenges, and so forth would only turn something that you may enjoy a few weeks a year into something you'd hate all year long.  I hate holiday music as it is since I don't think, after hearing it since the day after Halloween, that I can take another listening of Rudolph.  It's already played to death, so let's not get angry at Harmonix for not making it even more annoying and irritating.


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