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Malik (5/9/11)

I want to say I'm getting back into posting with regularity and all that jazz...I want to.  In reality, reality is not being my friend right now.  Between my real job, looking at a change of scenery (nice speak for looking for a new job), and the joys (or lack there of) of home ownership, the world is not giving me much time for anything good.

The only thing I can say is that I'm glad to see that the Mariners are finally making some smart moves.  Langerhans and Bradley have both been designated for reassignment.  It's a long overdue move considering how sloppy the two have been with both fielding and batting lately.  By lately, I mean both this season and last.  Now if only something can be done about the once-hot-and-now-stale Chone Figgins.


Malik (5/11/11)

It is hard to find time recently for posting or having anything close to a life with fun in it. However, in the spirit of trying to keep something live on this site, I posted a little about the Mariners on Monday. To keep the short sports posts going...

I don't know why I do it to myself once every few months. I'm like a glutton for punishment. I'm talking about being a Seattle native who occasionally looks in at the NBA. However, I saw this on the Seattle PI about Shawn Kemp's loyalty and his views on the Zombie Sonics (A.K.A. The Thunder). I love seeing how Kemp and Gary Payton are so loyal and it reminds me of why I miss the NBA. I don't miss the league that was so damned poor in handling Clay Bennett and his desire to screw Seattle. I do miss the Sonics and the players who brought so much excitement to a city that used to have no other quality sports teams beyond the Sonics.

However, when I see things like this product page at the NBA Store, I'm easily reminded again of why I don't give a crap about the NBA. When the Sonics were stolen from the Seattle fans, one thing was included for Seattle in the settlement to flee the lease at Key Arena; Seattle kept the legacy and history of the Sonics. That includes being able to hand up the conference and world championship banners if a team returns to Seattle. Well, history of the Sonics say the team started in 1967. The Zombie Sonics sure as shit didn't exist back then.

To Shawn Kemp; You will always be the Reignman! You and Payton will always be heroes of the Seattle sports scene.

To the NBA, who is selling this blatant load of crap; It's our history and our legacy. Get your f#@$ing hands off of my childhood! Unless you plan to give the money generated from this hat to Seattle, then live up to the agreement that Seattle's former (and apparently sports hating) mayor walked away with a few years ago. The history belongs to Seattle!


Malik (5/12/11)

This will be posted a bit late in the day for many people, but I feel the need to say that Firefly (the complete series) is a cheap price on today. It's under $25, which is not too shabby for this beyond awesome series. I felt it was worth the price to buy a second time (having already had the DVD set for several years).

Anyway, I still have way too little to post. I've gone from being a person centered around geek things to being more of a suburban "man of the house" type lately. Instead of game, I've been playing with ideas of a kitchen remodel. Instead of watching TV, I've been building cabinets. Instead of...well, you get the point. I've been in the world of real problems with real solutions and all of that fun stuff.

So, I'll try for another somewhat short sports post today since it's the only thing I've been following in the last couple of weeks.

Tomorrow is the first game between Seattle and Portland in the MLS. The start, or re-birth, of a classic I-5 rivalry. The other end of this I-5 rivalry will come later this year when Seattle faces Vancouver for the first time in the MLS. It's one of the greatest feeling for a Seattle sports fan to have when you can actually be part of a heated rivalry and not just hearing about how tense they can be. I mean Seattle doesn't have any rivalry in the MLB (unless you count how the batters have a rivalry, that they lose constantly to, against a perfect 0.000 batting average). The NFL is just not filled with any true rivalries for Seattle, beyond the standard division ones, ever since the Seahawks joined the NFC. Beyond that, I guess you can say college sees a rivalry with UW versus WSU, but that just doesn't feel as impressive when every college has a rival (usually a University versus State University).

The sad part of the first game of the reborn Sounders FC versus Timbers rivalry is that the game will probably turn sloppy. I don't mean how the MLS is sloppy (which, as an MLS fan, I have to admit...MLS is no European league). I mean the weather, which is perfectly sunny and fair today, and how tomorrow night the rains are supposed to come back to Seattle. With an 8PM start, the game will see some less than ideal weather. Of course, with soccer, rainy fields equals slower and less controlled of games. At least the supporters will still be going all out, even when the game gets slowed from a slick field.


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