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Malik (4/27/09)

I cannot find a minute for anything in the normal side of fun. I spent 90% of my weekend doing chores, almost like I'm a responsible adult. I hate that term, but it applies when you're spending much of your weekend either doing minor construction or running back and forth between home, Home Depot, and Lowe's.

I did spend a few minutes with Demon's Souls. It wasn't a good time since I made it to a boss and had to quit before the battle ended (too many responsibilities to do and no more time for fun). However, I am enjoying a glitch in my game...for once. I hate the world tendency glitch that resets tendencies in worlds when you save and quit in the Nexus (central city/hub). However, I have a new glitch that does make it a little more fun. Without ever playing the Valley of Defilement (or whatever world 5 is called), I have nearly pure white world tendency. If I kill the boss I'm now ready to battle, in 5-1, I should have pure white without doing more than stopping a single boss. This opens a lot of cool bonus equipment and also grants the awesome ability to have an easier time with the dreaded swamps of 5-2.

Sadly, the next time I play may not be for several days since I've got those damned real world responsibilities to do. I have to learn about anchor systems and counter weights and then apply this math style knowledge. It's like I'm living a constant series of mathematical word problems. It's like a sick joke when you've always hated word problems in math in school, but the teacher says you'll use this knowledge one day. Well, "if you have four posts, eight feet tall, with a couple hundred pounds of weight pushing them in together, what angle and weight must one use for a four equally placed counter balances buried 2 feet in the ground outside of said structure?" My answer; look on the internet and hope someone already solved this problem and then cheat off them.


Malik (4/30/09)

I like hot water. It's the stuff of dreams. You can take a shower, a bath, or...well, mainly I like taking a good hot shower. Since my water heater is more of a noisy POS right now than a heater of water, I'm a little slow and not that awake. Viva real life bullshit!

Anyway, I am still alive and stuff. I just have had too many of these real life type of things lately to keep me away from geek things. If it wasn't for feeling too tired yesterday, I would have done more of these real life things. Instead, since I was tired and feeling a bit worn down, I played some Demon's Souls for the first time since last Friday.

Luckily it was one of my most productive times playing the game. I beat two bosses (one of which I had previously saved in front of it's lair), cleared a level I barely touched before (3-1), and had a lot of fun with the issue of trying to carry far more crap than my character could hold at a time. Still, that's more of a good thing than a bad thing, even if all the new weapons and armors will never be worn or used and will just sit in storage.

Sadly, the two bosses I faced are two of the most mundane and tame of bosses. The Leechmonger (or whatever the 5-1 boss is called) looks cool but is really nothing impressive. Beyond healing from time to time, this boss has no cool tricks. If you have a good melee attack, it's one of the few bosses that is best handled by running up to it and just swinging for the fences. I only had to heal a couple times and the fight was over almost immediately when my meat cleaver met the boss head on.

The boss of 3-1 would be interesting if it wasn't for the fact that you learn quickly what the boss will do if you've ever been near a Demon's Souls message board. The boss will keep regenerating and reviving unless you do something (minimizing spoilers...) special before the fight. If you do this something, all you need is a few dozen arrows and some patience. That's it. It's just a classic ranged combat fight with plenty of places to hide and snipe from.

At least I now can rescue Sage Freke and unlock some better magic via boss souls. Now I just need to rescue Yuria from 1-3/1-2/1-3 and I'll be set with important NCPs in the Nexus.

On a last subject for today...a Lost spoiler from last night...

Why the hell did they finally make us interested in Faraday and then they freakin' killed him? I hope he's not dead, but they did make it look pretty fatal and final when he was shot. If Lost killed off Miles about now, it would be a perfect storm of killing the most interesting characters. At least Faraday didn't have some lame off screen death like Kutner on House.


Malik (5/1/09)

I have avoided Rock Band a lot lately. On one hand, it's about me not having any free time. For example, I had to do yard work while making sure that a new water heater was installed without any complications last night. It just leaves one drained and unable to find free time. It doesn't help that a majority of my recent yard work is going to waste and has to be re-done due to the state government trying to start up any projects possible to get a piece of the stimulus funds. This means that my work from the last couple of weeks, which should be safe and secure for another ten or more years has to be re-done to avoid being destroyed by rampant construction crews outside my house. Yes...I live right next door to an active freeway construction zone.

On the other hand, I'm broke. Having a new puppy, doing this yard work, and paying the deductible on a new water heater all adds up quickly. If you try to add in enough money to get any good Rock Band songs, it will turn into a financial mess.

So, it doesn't help when first I can get Nothing's Shocking, which has some damned good classics on it. However, it gets worse yet when Rock Band is offering one hell of an awesome selection for next week. This includes Alien Ant Farm's cover of Smooth Criminal, a Franz Ferdinand three pack (including one of my favorite songs; Take Me Out), and some Allman Brothers. There's even some more stuff for next week, but these songs are the ones that really draw me in and try to capture my wallet.

Anyway, not much else to say unless I wanted to make this a site about gardening and home repairs. Since that isn't the point of this page, I'll just stop now and try to save the last thread of sanity I have remaining.


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