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Malik (6/16/09)

What's worse than being sick? Being sick while also being sick of something. In this case, I don't know if it's my cold that's causing me to feel like shit or if it's the fear of Favre.

Every year, for the last who-knows-how-many-years, Favre has said he was considering retirement. Last year he even made it official. Just like how he made it official this year after playing for the Jets. Well, once again, he's looking less than retired.

I swear the only reason for him to keep doing this song and dance is that he's a media whore. This just reminds me of one simple fact; if you ignore a media whore, that is the only way it can go away. Jack Thompson went away after being disbarred and then the media no longer found him worthy of their time and he could make himself important to the media without the credibility that being a licensed lawyer gives.

I think we all need to just ignore Favre. Maybe then we will be free. Even he recognizes how he makes a "media frenzy" all the time. He says he doesn't want to create controversy? I can believe that. Controversy is not his desire...just the media attention he gets by waffling on his retirement every damned year. How about this; Favre can you just retire and stick with it? Somehow I doubt it's possible, but I know it would be damned nice to stop having the NFL be the National Favre League.


Malik (6/19/09)

Feeling sick has kept me from being too good about posting anything this week. I mean I've been stuck with a lot of pain, mainly in my head, and it's hard to focus over that feeling to get words to virtual paper.

It also didn't help that I kept wanting to play the new Spinal Tap DLC for Rock Band and then post my thoughts. Why was this hard to do? On Tuesday and Wednesday, the DLC was not there. Maybe it finally was last night, but I didn't have the interest in RB last night so I didn't check. I know they were up on the PS3 store on time (Thursday), but that's not important for a 360 Rock Band player.

I don't know what delayed the new songs, but it's weird not seeing RB DLC on a Tuesday for the first time in around a year. It was also weird to see that the 360 DLC was a bit goofy in how the Iron Maiden pack couldn't be downloaded (at least on Tuesday and Wednesday) as anything other than a pack. I couldn't find single tracks from that pack, unless I was to do so on the PS3. It's just like a bizaro world when the PS3 has less issues with its store than the 360 has. I mean the Live Marketplace usually seems to be the best ran (although it's the most disorganized) of the three console stores.

Anyway, hopefully these issues are behind us and the next DLC doesn't have these problems. I'm not too excited about any of these tracks, except for Bad Religion, but I know sure as hell that I will want that song as soon as possible on Tuesday.

On a side note, I'm still too damned confused on the issues of Warner licensing songs to various media outlets (like Rock Band). Last time I checked, Bad Religion was under Warner's label...but then again I'm still pretty sick so I could just be confused. However, if WMG does have the rights to Bad Religion, I wonder what change allowed for a WMG song to finally come to Rock Band again. Hopefully this company (WMG) that is definitely on my shit list has changed their ways and are not just getting away with being asses to anyone they chose.


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