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Malik (7/9/12)

Well, the weekend was pretty busy for myself. With having the summer actually starting around the Seattle area, it means people start to want to do things on the weekend. This means I don't do what I want (play Penny Arcade Episode 3 and drink beer) as much as I do what others want. Not too bad of a problem, but I sure want to complete this game, or at least get further along than I am (four battles played in about a week, when this only takes about half an hour to get through).

The one thing I had time for was to watch the Sounders FC stop their longest streak of winless games. It ended in a great way with Seattle beating the Rapids, at home. The only way to make it better was to remember it was playing against the Rapids last April when Steve Zakuani broke his leg and his career became a giant unknown. After almost 15 months, some surgeries, a lot of rehab, and a lot of unknowns in the air, it was the most amazing Seattle sports memory I've had (at least it's up there in the top 3 with Marshawn Lynch's earthquake run and Griffey Jr and Sr going back to back with homeruns) to see Zakuani go into the game near the end and play like all Sounders fans wanted. He played solid and looked almost back to perfect form. The best part is seeing him come back at home against the team that he played when his leg was broken in the offensive (as in bad, not "on the offense") attack/tackle by Brian Mullan last year.

I think the truly best moment had to be after the game when Zakuani and Mullan met on the pitch, hugged, and swapped jerseys. That is the type of thing that can bring a tear to the eye of any sport fanatic.

I just hope this is the start of good things for the Sounders. The streak should now be at 1 game for a winning streak, and the Open Cup continues in a couple days with Seattle in the semifinals against Chivas USA at Starfire.


Malik (7/10/12)

Well, that was quick. I wanted to continue some more with Penny Arcade Adventures 3 and I did so...and then some. I went from chapter 7 to beating the final final chapter (10) in one good playing session. I mean the game is short, but it's nothing too short and nothing shorter than the previous two games. It might actually be a bit longer than the previous two. Best of all, when you're dealing with a $5 price tag, this is one of the best dollar for entertainment ratios one can hope for.

Overall, I'd have to say PAA3 is well worth it. I should add one special situation for enjoying this game; you need to be a fan of 16 bit era RPGs, and having some extra nostalgia for 8 bit Dragon Quest games makes it even better. If you can also say you enjoy Star Trek, then you are looking at the perfect game to pick up. The combat system was definitely more enjoyable this time around, since I was getting tired of button pressing rhythm games after the second game used the exact same system as the first game...and especially if you're playing on a PC and all of a sudden a hick-up happens and causes the rhythm to be artificially impossible due to a frame skip or jump. I also love how this game incorporates a classic Final Fantasy 3 style job system with plenty of room for you to actually formulate strategies based on what classes you use on which party members. Each member has a single base class (Gabe is a brawler, Tycho is a scholar, etc.), then you eventually get to pick two additional classes to balance them out...or to create an insanely unbalanced but somehow powerful party.

Now that this one is another game behind me, it's time, I think, to get back to something like Infamous 2. I left that game hanging about 1 hour into it and it's time to step away from PC games for a little time. Yes, I will return to the PC when Dawn Guard finally comes to the PC (I hate temporary exclusivity deals). This time with the Skyrim high resolution texture pack and a lot more power in my PC. Until then, I think going through about eight PC games in one month is enough. I've had my Double Fine blast-from-the-past-athon and I've done Saints Row This Third again. With Penny Arcade done until number four comes out hopefully next year, a perfect break is here for me to do Infamous 2 again...but from the start since playing for one hour about 5 months ago is not something one should just return to.


Malik (7/12/12)

Despite wanting to go back to Infamous 2, it just hasn't happened...yet. I guess having nice weather makes it hard to do things indoors when you'd rather just enjoy the sun that may have been hammering the rest of the country, but has not been a frequent visitor in Seattle. That, and my PC shopping still has not ended.

Around a month ago, I replaced my case, power supply, CPU, motherboard, one hard drive, my video card, my RAM, my monitor, and even my keyboard. Besides two older, but perfectly good hard drives, my DVD burner, and my mouse, everything was changed out. I don't need to touch the older hard drives since they are still SATA-2 and being used as my storage more than a quick access drive (not my Steam or Windows drive). The DVD burner is almost useless in the current age. If I want to share files quickly, the cloud is just quicker and more convenient, and it's not like one needs to install too much from optical disks anymore besides Windows. Plus, the only use I get from the thing is to once per year burn a boot CD when something goes wrong with my rig.

This leaves my mouse. I love my old mouse. Well, I mostly love it. It's pretty damned old, but it's a nice enough optical mouse with an extra button that I use primarily as the back button in web browsing. Still, I've wanted a wireless mouse for when I'm on the couch watching a video from my PC on my big screen monitor. A wireless laser mouse would be ideal to pause, fast forward, or whatever without having to get off my lazy ass and moving about fifteen feet to my PC. I've also wanted to skip wireless mice in the past due to battery issues (ever wireless mouse I've ever used has ran out of battery on my in the worst during LAN parties).

So, going for the features I want (wireless and wired, laser, and having at least that one extra button for web browsing ease), I once again decided to go way bigger than needed. So, in a few days I'll be trying out a Logitech G700. It has what I want, but more so, it's insanely ridiculous.

On a second thought for today, the Sounders FC are still undefeated in US Open Cup play. They have won (or won on kicks after their single tie) every US Open Cup game for the last four years. The only four years the Sounders FC have been in their current form in the MLS. Last night it continued with a 4-1 blowout over Chivas USA. Now, just one game, in Kansas City, against Sporting Kansas City is all that is keeping the Sounders from making history. Only one team has ever before won three US Open Cups in a row and made it to the final the next year. Seattle will now do one better with four cups in a row. Better yet, four cups in a row in their first four years of existence.


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