Malik  (5/18/04)

I am finally back from my vacation (all one day of it) and all I can say is what I say usually on Mondays...I need more time off.  Anyways, as for my promises of some new material on Monday; I got too caught up in my day off to think about doing anything constructive other than cat-sitting.  However, on the less than constructive end of things, I finished Disgaea finally.  After finishing that game, all I can say is DAMN!  That is probably the only game I've finished (besides Dragon Warrior VII) without taking a major break that is that long on my first time through (sadly, my precious Xenogears required a break my first time through due to my PSX dying on me).  Anyways, on that note, I have my Disgaea review ready today...a sneak preview: damned good game.

Continuing that thought, I am now playing La Pucelle Tactics with a lot more's hard to play a great game while playing another great game without giving one of them far less attention than it deserves.  Anyway, La Pucelle will probably be my next review for Geek Asylum...however, the timing can't be guaranteed since there is still plenty of E3 and other news floating around that I need to tackle.  One step at a time.

On a less than video game note.  I caught a showing of Troy this weekend, and besides the very homoerotic vibes coming off of the film, it kicked some serious ass.  For a nearly 3 hour movie, I didn't notice.  The talking scenes tend to be a bit on the pointless side in terms of acting skill.  However, all of that is easily made up by the action scenes.  Long story short, Troy is definitely worth the price of admission.

Anyway, as you can tell, I've put a lot of stuff on the site today.  I'm exhausted from one hell of a weird work day, and after all that typing, I think I deserve a break...La Pucelle, here I come.


Malik  (5/19/04)

Not too much going on for Geek Asylum today.  I'm still recouping from a tiring weekend and a ton of posting yesterday.  Not to mention, it's also a bit of a slow news day in the geek world today.  However, after browsing through earlier today, I can across an interesting article on what one man thought of see my take on it, and a link to the original, click!  

On to some other news of a smaller scale; I have been checking out some information on getting a real domain for this site in the near future.  I'm in the process of shopping around right now, but will probably stick with good old Brinkster (my current host) for server technical stuff, considering how well they've handled about a year of my Internet time.  Anyway, time will tell, as will prices and how lazy I can be about this whole thing.  However, I expect to be set up with an actual domain in the next couple of weeks...probably by the end of the month.

For those keeping track of things; I've put in some more time with my new obsession; La Pucelle Tactics.  So far, while the game feels a little more on the clunky side than Disgaea, which I can forgive since the game is a couple years older (it was released quite a while ago in Japan...January of 2002) than Disgaea, however the mechanics of the game are still quite fluid and offer a few nifty features that weren't in Disgaea (while Disgaea also offered some features not in La Pucelle).  My only issue so far is that the story doesn't quite draw in the player as quickly as Disgaea did.  Disgaea threw the player into an intriguing situation from the first minute (you begin Disgaea with Etna, your vassal, trying to wake you up from your 2 year slumber by using an assortment of weapons, like guns, explosives, etc...all while being in the Netherworld).  Unfortunately, La Pucelle instead starts with an average plot of some daemon hunters in a parallel of medieval France who are working for the church to eradicate evil...pretty standard issue.  However, things do get better with time, but as far as standard RPG stories tend to go, this introduction has been done to death.  Anyway, for those who are interested, La Pucelle is definitely worth the time it takes to get the story rolling.  The humor is good (not as good as Disgaea) from the beginning, and this will easily get one past the mediocre starting point of the game.

For a final note tonight; I have made fun of the whole Infinum Labs supposed project, the Phantom, off and on with my friends, and even on the site once or twice.  Well, while I was checking out, they had a link to a picture at that made me laugh my ass off.  Check out the link...especially the little signs...That is the Infinium Lab E3 closet or whatever.