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Malik (12/6/10)

It was definitely a good weekend for football for people around Seattle. At least the outcome was good. I mean both the UW and the Seahawks games were pretty ugly for the most part.

I don't even consider UW having won. They did get the W and ended with a 6-6 so they could see a bowl game for the first time in eight years. However, this was a rare instance when I can say one person was responsible for a win in football. It's a team sport, but Polk did not seem to notice. I mean he ran all over the Cougar defense. At least he ran over 280 yards of their defense. When it comes down to it, Polk is the one player I see coming out of the current team that will be a high draft pick when he enters the NFL draft in a couple years. As a freshman, he ran for over 1000 yards and set a UW freshman rushing record. As a sophomore, he ran another 1000 yards and had the second best rushing game for the Apple Cup and for a UW player of all time. This man is unstoppable, and it's damned good for UW that he has at least one more year to keep taking apart school rushing records.

At least the otherwise lame UW offense and defense made for an interesting game. I mean the score was tied going into the final two minutes. It took until the final seconds ticked down to know what the outcome would be. While I'd like to see UW looking better, especially since they have to face Nebraska again in a bowl game (last time they met, UW had half the points of Seattle), it is still good to have a game go down to the final drive. It keeps things interesting.

As for the Seahawks; they didn't keep anything interesting. Seattle played like crap, but they won since the Panthers are about the most pathetic team you can hope to find in the NFL. It takes a 1-10 team to give Seattle a home. Now that's just sad. The only part more sad is that Seattle is still tied for first in the NFC West, with an even 6-6 record.

What made things worse is that Mike Williams left during the first drive of the game with another leg/ankle issue. The ankle seems to be the sore spot for Seattle offensive players this year. Then again, there's more place and way to get hurt, as Obomanu left with an injury later in the game. Unless Seattle can keep their receivers healthy, it's only going downhill from here. I mean the running game is still a joke, despite one massive burst of awesome from Justin Forsett in the second half. It's also not looking as good on the special teams when Mare is still in a funk (what happened to his golden leg?) and Washington had the worst kick off return I've even seen that didn't end with a lost fumble (starting on the 3 yard line due to a bobbled ball).

What will really take down the Seattle season, which is already on life support, is the next four games. Seattle faces the 49ers at home, for the only likely win of the remainder of 2010. It helps that Gore is out, so the one player who could cause the most hurt is handled while out rush defense is in stitches. The joke around my house is that Frank Gore could be the greatest rusher in NFL history if he faced the Seahawks every week. Then there's the fearsome duo of Atlanta and Tampa Bay. No matter how you cut it, these are two teams that are normally bad and are now just amazing. Then, if the Seahawks are lucky, it will come down to a home game against the Rams to decide the division. This is assuming the Rams get at least one loss over the next three games. If Seattle wins at least one, and the Rams lose at least one, it may come down to a final division game to round out the season and to determine the post season.


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