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Malik (9/17/12)

The Seahawks kicked the Cowboys ass yesterday. Actually, did the 'Hawks really kick ass or was it more of the Cowboys defeating themselves. Well, the first 10 points of the game seem to imply the Cowboys lost this game themselves. I mean they never could recover from the lost kickoff fumble and failed punt that led to the Seahawks picking up 10 points to start the first quarter of a game that ended up 27-7. Both of these costly mistakes were really on the Cowboys and were not something the Seahawks could have done on their own.

The most problematic was the blocked punt. The Seahawks punt return team was able to capitalize brilliantly when the Cowboys went for a directional punt but failed to give the blocking that this type of punt needed. Right after the punt was let lose and blocked, Johnson was able to run it in for an easy 10 yards and the touch down.

In all reality, the Seahawks didn't show much quality in their offense until the second half. Beyond some solid performances from special teams, the defense looked less shaky than they did against Kolb last week when he replaced Skelton in the Arizona loss. However, the defense still didn't look solid enough to keep the score low without the Cowboys playing a very weak and pathetic offensive plan.

Anyway, a win is a win, and the Seahawks need to keep winning. The 49ers look like the real deal, and even the Cards are riding high after beating the Pats in New England (now that must have been a gut punch to the fans in the stands). If Seattle wants to make it beyond game 16, they will need to be a solid wild card (sorry, but even as a 'Hawks fan, I know the 49ers are the NFC West winner unless injuries destroy their defense) team. Also, the Seahawks definitely needed a win heading into the new weeks when momentum and moral will be the needed solution to the problems that is the Packers on Monday Night Football.

Now, if the Seahawks can win on MNF against the Pack, then maybe I'll start to believe. Until then, I still keep seeing some problems in a bad O-line that cannot keep Wilson safe in the pocket, nor can the O-line be counted on to let Lynch break free on a run. I also still see a defense that can go from solid to poor in a single down. I also am now seeing the problem with Wilson (that I hope he can learn to adjust to overcome); he throws every pass high. He needs to bring his passes down, or throw shorter to hit any receiver who is under 7'6" (bad news; the NBA is not the NFL) in the chest or hands. Most of all, the play calling on offense needs to be infused with creativity. Well, at the very least, the play calling needs less predictability, since it seems like I can guess the next offensive play 95% of the time.

Also, it's damned interesting to see the supposed "NFC Worst" go 4-0 this week against 1-0 teams all across the board.  This may finally be a year for the NFC West...or it may just be a fluke of a new season trying to figure out who is actually good and who just will win because of "any given Sunday".


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