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Malik (7/24/12)

The Steam sale is now officially done for the summer. I did take the time to spend more money than I should while using the worst rationalizing methods known to man. These are the methods that apply to all Steam sales and begins with a thought along the lines of "It's only $2..." or "if I split the cost, each game is only $0.50..." From that point, the money just starts to flow. I mean I got the Sega collection to round out my Genesis titles on the PC, and spent about $50-$60 for a total of something like 80-90 pieces of content. How many will I ever play? Not many, or any. I mean my Steam library is the true land of lost and forgotten toys.

I've also come to realize that I think I'm aging out of the Steam sales. I don't mean I'm getting too old for this. I mean my Steam library is too fat and bloated. When most of the same deals come up each season, but with maybe one or two more games or DLC in a pack, the packs no longer hole much value to a person. I honestly cannot justify buying any of the big publisher packs, and I tend to buy the big games when they are still new, instead of waiting about six to twelve months for them to hit the awesome Steam sale prices.

I did pick up the latest Y's game during the sale. It's the one new piece of software out there that I wanted. Of course this was meant to be a minor time killer while waiting for Dawn Guard, but it's definitely feeling like it's worth the value. I have put about 10 hours into the game so far, and it just keeps feeling more enjoyable with each passing stage. The game, on medium difficulty, is a nice blend of easy and insanely challenging. Well, the challenge can be lessened, but that's only with some serious grinding from time to time.

The really sad part is this means I'm not going back to Infamous 2 yet. The other sad part is that this game is ideal with the 360 controller, meaning I'm not taking advantage of my amazing Logitech G700 mouse. At least the G700 will get use when Dawn Guard comes along. For now, I guess I'm happy not taking advantage of what I want to play or use, since Y's is always some good nostalgic fun. I think this is one of the oldest game franchises I can still actively enjoy (as opposed to Final Fantasy, Mario, or some of the other more ancient series).

On a final note, I'm glad to see Ichiro has left the Mariners. He demanded a trade, and it's for the best. He may finally see the post season for the first time in about a decade, and he may get a ring. I hate to see a beloved local sports icon go the the Yankees, but if he can do good over there, then I'm happy for him. Ichiro has been saddled with a losing team that has a problem with the batting coach position (obvious from this poor of a team batting average), some clubhouse toxicity, and a rebuilding mode that has been going on since the 2001 season ended. It's also nice to see that the fans gave him full on cheering at his first at bat against the M's. Still, that's some culture shock when Ichiro was a M at the start of the day and was playing right field against them by the end of the day.


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