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Malik (1/23/12)

With Steam store credit in hand, I officially can end my tirade against Steam selling a piece of crap game that is broken. Well, I can at least find peace now...although I still have nothing but contempt for Ubisoft. While I will buy from Steam again (already blew some of that refunded credit on Sonic Generations...haven't played yet, but it was on sale), I am officially staying away from all Ubisoft games on the PC...and maybe all Ubisoft games in total.

Anyway, I had a bit of a short and lame weekend due to some really bad weather last week. I had to do some work on my real job to make up for lost time last week. This meant I only had time to watch some football and to finish the second Penny Arcade Adventure. It's sad that the Penny Arcade Adventures end with only two episodes, but it was a great ride and well worth the ~$3 I paid for both episodes together on Steam.

Since it was a short weekend, this will be a short post. The one other thing I'll say is that I think I was a bit surprised to see the Giants beat the 49ers in one hell of a poorly handled game. Both teams have definitely looked better, but the 49ers looked as bad as I've seen them this season. Too many mistakes were made and too little planning was seen on defense (their strength). I was hoping to see the 49ers win to show the rest of the country that the west coast can bring solid teams to the NFL, but that will have to wait until next year...and hopefully in the form of the Seahawks going back to the Super Bowl (if they draft a real QB...I'm still holding out hope for Kellen Moore).


Malik (1/27/12)

After finishing Penny Arcade Adventures, I started to play Sonic Generations. That was until I realized a game I had overlooked for far too long. Sonic will have to wait since I remembered about the Sony network problems last May...and the free games they gave as compensation. I had picked up Infamous, and had never played the game.

Well, last night I put Sonic into a temporary sleep and started Infamous...with the goal of beating it and trying to continue things in Infamous 2 afterwards. I'm doing another typical Malik thing. I skip a game when it came out, and then get interested in the sequel that also came out much earlier than the present. So, I finally play the first and second game without any break...assuming I fully enjoy Infamous and don't get tired of the game series.

I say this is typical since I've done it far too many times. A couple years ago I did this with Ratchet and Clank (playing the PS3 games and then going back to most of the PS2 titles). I also did this with Fallout 3 and then diving immediately into New Vegas last winter. I did that this winter with the Penny Arcade Adventures games. It's something I can't explain, but it seems to be the norm for my style of gaming. It's also probably why, when I'm done with one of these episodes, that I don't touch that genre of game again for a good year or two.

I'm actually a little excited about the Pro Bowl this weekend. I think I felt this level of appeal for the game after seeing that five Seahawks will now be playing. Earl Thomas was the only player voted in, but then Robinson was brought in as the alternate fullback. It only got better when Chancellor and Browner were brought in on defense this week. The secondary will be three Seahawks, and the Seahawks might have been bad this year but they did have a good pass protecting secondary. Of course, the part that really got me excited is to see Robinson is now going to be blocking for Marshawn Lynch at running back. Yes, the single best player in the Seahawks offense (and maybe the best player on the entire tear for this season) is going to show what the Seahawks had going right on offense.

Of course, to balance this game of flag football (let's face it, the Pro Bowl is not a heavy hitting game), the Mariners are looking worse every time I look at them. First the team fails to make any major offensive upgrades. Then they trade a future Cy young winner in Pineda for a complete unknown (called a good prospect, but prospects in other teams go to die in Seattle) in Jesus Montero. Now Eric Wedge is talking about moving Ichiro out the the number one spot (Ichiro might have slumped last season, but he was still one of the best hitters on the team...and still pulled in a respectable average by most players who don't pull in 200 hits every previous season in their career) for possibly Gutierrez (who I think will never recover from his ailment last season), Ackley (who is a solid number 3 hitter with a good average and a nice long ball), or Chone Figgins (who wouldn't get a .300 average in T-ball).

I will make an easy prediction for 2012. The M's will be third place in the AL West (only because the A's are just that much worse), and will pull out another losing season that ends well before the All Star break. The difference between 2011 and 2012 will only be iun that Seattle will not sport a solid pitching rotation and will still have an offense that is offensive to watch.


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