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Malik (12/12/11)

I'm feeling sick...which is bad, but it's worse when you don't know what to do to kill time when you're feeling so bad that all you want is for time to fly. Trying to kill some time, I played some Skyrim. That's a bad idea when you're sick and are having problems thinking straight or remembering anything. I'm not sure what I did in Skyrim while sick this weekend, but I have vague memories of killing a few too many NPCs for no good reason.

Actually, "no good reason" may not be accurate. It's more that I didn't have a good enough reason. A friendly NPS in the middle of a bunch of evil similarly dressed NPCs is a reason that may not be great, but it can be called justified. Also, taking down someone because they have gotten on your nerves...not a good reason, but it's a reason. Oh well. It's not like I can undo playing while sick (well, I could with a console command or two, but that seems like the wrong solution).

Tonight is going to be one of the lamest Monday Night Football games one could imagine. Maybe I'm not thinking straight, but I think if NBC can have some flexibility on the Sunday Night Football lineup (they can swap a game or two each season due to the game scheduled not looking like a solid TV draw), then there should be some on the MNF game of the week. I mean while in April it might have looked good, this is not looking great anymore for the idea of a Seahawks vs. Rams match. Seriously, a basement dweller versus a sub-sub-basement that fun for anyone? I think I read something last week about how this is one of the least bet upon MNF games in a long time (or is that ever?). If NBC can swap a game or two each season, then ESPN deserves the same consideration when they have to air the 2 win Rams playing against the 5 win Seahawks. The only consolation in this game is that it is a chance for the entire country to see what happens when two teams play who don't have any real talent at QB (or at least when the real QB has been injured the bulk of season...for the Rams).

I'll watch the game, since I am a masochist of a Seahawks fan. I try to watch all of their games, and I cannot stop just because they are painful to watch. I'm not some fair-weather fan. I bleed blue and green, even if I feel like I'm bleeding too much for the team.


Malik (12/16/11)

I'm still feeling pretty much like hell. I've been slowly recovering from one of those wonderful December colds that you know will always show up. The only question is when, and if it will mess up your holidays, vacations, or something important. For me, I think I did good in getting sick early since I can consider the first half of December pretty unimportant this year. After today, however, I demand my body gets wise and becomes healthy as I enter a two week vacation from my real job.

I'm still slowly making progress on Skyrim. I'm nearing the end of the main quest. However, I occasionally will get a reminder that I can have a little fun with side quests. Usually this reminder is in the form of a messenger telling me about a quest (via a letter). These messengers can be pretty surprising at times and I have to say I learned a cool lesson due to being caught off guard once by one.

As I exited my Whiterun house, a messenger ran right up to me in a hurry. I was getting ready to fast travel into a hostile environment, so I had my bow equipped and ready. Well, as he gave the letter, I managed to hit the left mouse button. Once the letter was delivered, a weakly fired arrow went out of my bow and into the courier's hand. Being an archery master, the courier fell to the ground paralyzed with an arrow going cleanly through his palm. Since I noticed no guards were on my case, I decided I needed to finish him before he got up and became hostile. I fired again at his prone body. This didn't kill him, so I shot a few more arrows. Including one that was perfectly like the old Steve Martin fake arrow through the head gag. Well, the courier got up, unable to die, and didn't get hostile. He just told me that he had nothing else for me and walked away with an arrow in his brain.

What did I learn? First off, playing while sick can lead to potential trouble if you're a little too quick on the draw. Secondly, couriers are immortal in Skyrim. Sounds like that would be a good profession in a world where civil wars and dragons are both a part of life. Thirdly, guards don't care about courier violence. I guess they don't have a civilian faction attached to them. I guess this also means being a courier would be a bad job since you can be any random person's piņata without any hope for help from the law.

I'm hoping to finish Skyrim this weekend. After that I will move on to Deus Ex 3 since I got that off of Amazon on Cyber Monday. I also have a few too many other games in the old Steam backlog, so I'm hoping to use my vacation from work as a chance to complete as many (mainly indie) games as possible. My sights are set on the ones I've added more recently. This means Deus Ex, Limbo, finishing Super Mario 3D Land, and then seeing what is looking good in my eyes. I know Rocksmith is going to appear in there sometime. Also, some surprises of time eaters are in store considering Christmas gifts are going to be rolling around starting in a little over a week. A new Humble Bundle is also out, so this may just complicate the situation, but I'm glad to make my mess of Steam worse in the name of donating to Child's Play.


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