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Malik (10/1/12)

I'm sick, and I think I can actually not blame it on the piss poor Seahawks game. Quite frankly, I think the Rams didn't look all that good (only scored on special teams), but at least they were not the givers of numerous interceptions. I think I can forgive the interception at the end of the game, since it all came down to a perfectly aimed ball being thrown to a tight end that just slipped and fell as the pass was released.

However, between the lack of pass protection from the O-line and the poor aim from Wilson, I might be ready to join the discussion; so how is Matt Flynn doing? I could understand when Wilson had some troubles with his aim to start the season (quit throwing five yards deeper than the route!). He's a rookie. However, his aim is still high and deep and now it's turning into a liability when he is picking up interceptions and getting picked off when it's not in garbage time (the one at the end of the first half in Arizona was just a "clock expiring hail Mary"). Yes, he does need better protection so he can remain in the pocket for more than half a second (if even that long), but when he has a good shot down field and still throws deeper than the routes, there is a problem. Maybe it's that he is short for a QB, but I think it's more of a lack of refinement that you can solve with experience...but not experience at the cost of a potentially good season.

At least I can say that the game looked amazing when the ball was given to the Seattle running game. Lynch is always in Beast Mode, and Thurbin is pretty damned good as the #2 back. When, in this bad of a game, and with so obvious of a called play (if you didn't expect a running play nearly every down, then you were out of your mind), Lynch was a monster. In fact, Lynch, on a team that can also call a passing play, could be easily the most amazing rusher I've ever seen. He's fast, smart, and makes plays from losses. I mean Lynch is never down on the first tackle, and usually isn't down on the second or third tackle. He makes plays the most amazing way; pure brute force with a nice dose of an intelligent eye on opportunities.

I think, however, Sunday showed too many problems for the Seahawks. The offensive line failed on nearly every passing play, the secondary couldn't keep Amondola from being free, and the pass rush was not the same as it was last Monday. I think it's time for Pete Carroll to put the fear of lost jobs in his players instead of being a cheerleader. Pull Wilson until he can control his habit of throwing high/deep on every pass. Pull anyone on the O-line when is not working hard. Also, anyone who keep making pre-snap penalties or makes penalties after the play is dead (unnecessary roughness, unsportmans conduct, etc.) needs to be shown the bench. It's time to run the team like they obviously need; run them as if discipline is part of the game.

On a final note; when you feel sick, and need a good mellow game to kill some time, give To The Moon (PC, on Steam) a shot. It's not much of a game, but it's some amazing storytelling in a medium of 16-bit era visuals. If the developer only added some RPG elements of fighting, and you have a new Chrono Trigger, but with a different time twist (backwards instead of non-linear).


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