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Malik (2/14/12)

After being a hold out for for too long, I have once again made a large step into living in the current technological mindset. Yes...Malik has a smart phone. I avoided cell phones when they started to become big (think a decade or so back) and eventually broke down when I finally realized I was never near my landline and this meant a landline was pretty much a waste of money. I avoided smart phones since I didn't want to be that douche bag in line at a store who is holding up everyone because he/she just needs to finish an email and then send a text before considering that the line is waiting for him/her to pay already. I didn't want to be that jerk who is surfing the web while talking with friends in person. I just didn't want to be "that person" in any form.

Well, I broke down and have to say I feel like I'm going through technology overload right now. Yes, I will not be that douche bag or that jerk. However, when at home, I will happily check my email and whatever while watching TV since it's just that easy. I will also be happy to play some of the games that have been phone/tablet exclusive (or nearly exclusive). I mean the Humble Bundle for Android/iOS is out there (or maybe just ended) and it's fund having World of Goo at my fingers. Yes, I beat WoG more than a year back, but playing it again is fun, and the visuals on the phone are pretty damned amazing. Plus, if any game was made for touch over mouse, I think WoG may be it. Mouse was fine, but touch is actually a little smoother in the long run.

Anyway, I have officially sold out on another bit of modern technology. I don't enjoy the thought of a higher data plan phone bill, but I cannot be too upset when it's just a lot more convenient in the long run. Plus, while I may be giving in the the current world, it's pretty damned funny seeing Velveta (who also just got her first smart plan...) go full on crazy at times with her new found addiction.

Anyway, not much else to say except I'm still slowing chipping away at Infamous...and learning how addictive Angry Birds is in all of it's various forms (I may be behind the times, but even now, one has to admit Angry Birds is a must play...and it's free so it's even more of a must play). At least having a very powerful phone means I am reminded to limit my addiction due to battery drain.


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