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Malik (8/31/09)

Not much to say today. I spent the weekend in a cross between "entertaining company" as the old folks are likely to say, and doing chores. So, my weekend is pretty much devoid of any real fun or useful information (for this post).

The only two things I can say are the following;

I beat Professor Layton 2 and all but one of the final challenge puzzles. I have to say I really hate three types of puzzles; the knight on the chessboard, peg solitaire, and any of the sliding puzzles (get the garbage to the correct square). Sadly, the first "download" puzzle (said with the quotation marks since it's really an unlock not a download) is another sliding puzzle of getting the garbage to the exit. The only exception to these puzzles and my opinions of them is the bonus challenge puzzle to make a labyrinth for a guy to explore (more like a classic number slider with eight pieces in a 3x3 grid).

I just wish the game could have had more logic puzzles and brain twisters. I mean between the knight puzzles (5 or 6 total), the peg puzzles (six total), and the sliders (who knows how many? Maybe ten or more), that's about 20% of the total puzzles in the game. With the first "download" being another slider, I'm fearful of even more showing up in the weekly puzzles.

Secondly, I can say that I wish The After Years final DLC was out today instead of next week. I need an RPG fix. I guess patience is a good thing, but I'd rather just be like the average American and demand what I want, when I want it.


Malik (9/2/09)

I only downloaded three new songs yesterday for Rock Band. I definitely had to get the Oasis track, and then, for some random reason, got one Talking Heads and Bat Country.

I can't really add too many thoughts about Talking Heads, except all of the songs in the new pack seem pretty devoid of guitar action. I mean Once In a Lifetime (I think that's the name...) is mostly without guitar until the chorus. The only exception is some crazy (think Rio from Duran Duran) guitar action with G and then a few G+B chords thrown in during some fast broken rhythm strumming. I can't recommend any of these songs for guitar players, but for vocalists or a full band...hell yeah.

Oasis was nothing too special. I mean in terms of the guitar chart. Until the end of the solo, it's standard fare. The only thing worth saying is that it's Oasis. If you like Oasis, then get the damned song already. If you don't, then you'd have more fun with any of the other Oasis songs (except, maybe, Wonderwall).

As for Bat Country...this song is tiered so incorrectly. On drums it's five dots and devil faces on guitar. Flip those. I don't do drums, but they sounded like pure hell, in fast forward. The drums are fast, frantic, and sound pretty unforgiving.

The guitar on Bat Country, on the other hand, is maybe a four dot when compared to other five dot and devil head ranked guitar songs. It's not easy, but it's not too bad if you can handle a few basic concepts (strum up AND down) of playing expert guitar. The solo does get a bit insane, but if you have star power/overdrive ready, you'll rock the hell out of this song. In fact, I've only beaten a couple devil head ranked guitar songs on expert, without a band to save my ass, and I rocked nearly a five star (one pixel below five stars) total on my first run. It would have been higher (five stars) if I didn't hoard my overdrive for so long and let my meter fill without tapping it before the solo.

I just hope we see some more City of Evil (the album of Avenged Sevenfold with this song and Beast and the Harlot) in the future. Definitely it would rock to at least see Beast and the Harlot since it was awesome fun in GH2.


Malik (9/3/09)

Life is a bit chaotic for writing. So, I'll keep it simple and just say this;

Souders FC are freakin' awesome! New franchise, and already showing off the skills and getting some hardware!

Too bad the Sounders seem to have lost any energy on the MLS field...


Malik (9/4/09)

I'm busy as hell right about now, so I'll just say that Rock Band is looking pretty good for next week.  I mean we have The Beatles on Wednesday, and Tuesday (360) is getting some pretty good songs for Rock Band 2.  I mean there's some PAX style stuff, like one would expect after last year seeing a PAX pack.  However, this time there's some extra stuff, like Kryptonite (Three Doors Down), an Audioslave track, ABC (Jackson hell of a good party song, I'd imagine), and a three pack of Freezepop (which is PAX-ish, but better than last years three weak songs on it's own).

Ok...time to vanish from posting and become one with something I call "vacation".


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