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Malik (10/3/11)

At one point, the Falcons were up 27-7 over the Seahawks. What the hell happened? They made the game exciting in all the wrong ways. In the end, the Falcons won with a 30-28 final score, but there is no way that Seattle should be able to rally against Atlanta (or any other team that is not out of Kansas City or Miami...or has "High School" following the team name).

Yes, I am a Seattle fan, but I can see the obvious. Unless Seattle gets a bad season, then it's a guarantee that Pete Carroll and John Schneider will pick some bum in the first round of the draft instead of a new franchise QB. While I was happy to see that T-Jack could pick up his game, it is sad that when he had about 260 passing yards the announcers proclaimed this the best game of his entire career. Really, a starting QB who has been in the league for half a decade calls the mid-200 yard range a career day? That is not a quality QB in anyone's book. Of course, T-Jack ended with over 300 yards, but it feels like the magical 300 yard mark (which typically qualifies as an awesome day for a QB) is not that important when it feels like every QB has thrown over 300 at one time this season...this four week old season.

At least Seattle did some smart things. It was nice to see a couple long passes. The first touchdown of the day for Seattle followed a long bomb to Rice. As I've said, if Seattle can establish a long passing game, then this team could become a threat...or more of a threat than the team was in the first two losses of the season.

Anyway, while the world is revolving around the Suck for Luck idea, I actually wouldn't mind seeing Seattle pick up someone like Moore (Boise State) who looks like more of a threat in the future than Luck. I mean Luck looks great, but Moore is just amazing with the most touchdowns of any Heisman hopeful and a lot of yards to come with it. While the interceptions are a bit higher with Moore, the touchdowns are far fewer with Luck. I'll take a risky accomplished QB over a more conservative accomplished one when you're looking to grooming someone for the future.

Anyway, I've now finished Bastion. It was a damned fun game. So fun, in fact, that I have a second game (New Game+) going right now. I saw there is a Steam achievement for beating a New Game+, so I'm hoping to see something cool if I try a second time. Also, I'm hoping that a second time through will make the ending matter.

At the end, to avoid spoilers, you have a couple of choices. Do you save or in the final dungeon? Do you use the power of the Bastion to the world or the world? I chose my choices and saw little to say what happened. It felt like the end didn't matter. I selected two things and one was under-represented at the end...while the other was completely ignored. Ok...Spoiler in the next two sentences; I chose to save Zulf and he was never there in the final moments. Where the hell was he?

Anyway, I doubt New Game+ will change the problem with the ending feeling tied to my decisions. However, it would be cool if it did happen. However, more than anything, I just want to keep playing. I beat all but two proving grounds; the shield (kept getting hit four times due to stupid mistakes, when three is the goal) and catastrophe cannon (I really don't like that gun, since it has too much friendly fire). Plus, I'd like to try giving something other than my standard weapons a chance. I was almost entirely machete (so damned fast) and dueling pistol (with armor pierce...OMG). Maybe I should give the spear a chance. Maybe I should give the mortar or shotgun a chance. Maybe I just cannot get enough of this game. Actually, all of those apply.

I think, with the cheap priced downloadable games I've picked up this last year, Bastion is the best use of the money. It was one of the more expensive ($15) and worth every penny.


Malik (10/5/11)

Another year, another piece of hardware for the Sounders FC. After an amazing match between a defensive Chicago Fire team and a super offensive Sounders FC, Seattle walked away with three Lamar Hunt US Open Cups in a row. Three US Open titles in the three years of the Sounders FC existing in their current MLS form. Three years of (hopefully...) winning admittance to the CONCACAF Champions League. This goes with three years of making it to the MLS post-season, and three years of starting off looking good in 2009 and only looking better with each new year.

Last night was nothing short of an amazing night for soccer. Both teams put in a great game, and both teams had some very lucky breaks. It took Seattle more than two dozen shots to get two goals, but those shots included some amazing saves by Sean Johnson (the Fire goalkeeper) and a pair of weird shots that looked amazing until they bounced off the goal post. In the end, while the Fire had an amazing defense going, they just couldn't find an offensive rhythm. That's what doomed them since Seattle was riding the momentum and energy of the Sounders supporters in the stands and turned that feeling into an offensive attack that seemed to never surrender.

While it's not nearly as celebrated as winning the final game in a league system, the US Open Cup has been going for far too long to be ignored. Only a few teams have ever won three in a row, and Chicago is trying to join the elite of having five wins in total. This is an epic tournament and it just shows what some of the best in the soccer side of the US can pull off. It's the one time you can see the truly best team, be it a MLS team or some team from a smaller or less known league.

On a final note about this amazing win; one more next year and the Sounders enter unclaimed territory. No team has ever completed four victories in a row. I think 2012 is when that should change. Even if it doesn't happen, at least Kasey Keller ends his career in soccer with one more amazing title. He's also, without a doubt, the key to these three cup victories. Best damned keeper a team can hope to have.


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