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Malik (4/11/11)

It took a while, but I finally got some time with Pokemon White. After having the game for a few days, I was finally able to find some time to play, and I have to say the game is flat out addictive. I expected as much, but I think the level of addiction one can feel with Pokemon White (and assuming, Black) went above and beyond my expectations.

After getting the running shoes in my first three days of playing (which is only about an hour into the game), I got through a couple Pokemon evolutions and got a badge over one day of playing this weekend. All I can think of now is trying to get the next badge (I'm in the town for it) and being able to use the Liberty Pass (which is no longer available for new buyers of Pokemon White or Black) and getting the special Pokemon Victini.

Anyway, I would have probably played more, but I had some important chores to do. The main one being getting a new stereo in my secondary car. After trying to mess around for several hours taking apart the dashboard on a 19 year old car (it's great how time works on particular, how time can help screws fuse into metal and become permanent), I finally was able to get my new stereo in. This only happened after seeing that online car parts stores don't know shit about my secondary vehicle. It's assumed that all GM made vehicles were made the same, but this is apparently not the case with early 90's Oldsmobiles. In the end, I wasted about $15, not counting shipping prices, on antennae adapters and wire harnesses that seem to fit nearly all GM case and trucks of this generation, but are 100% wrong for an Oldsmobile.

Anyway, I am a fan of music. So, putting a stereo with more than four FM presets and something more advanced than a cassette player was a priority. It was a nice bonus that a good amount of well priced stereos (of which, Amazon seems to be number 1 for prices) have HD radio. I have not had experience with HD radio before this weekend, since it was just an added cost to my life when my main vehicle has a perfectly fine OEM stereo.

For those who feel like I do about most modern radio stations (they play too little music and spend too much time in specialty programs, like all "unplugged" acoustic programs, or on talk), HD is a truly wondrous experience. All of the stations I count on for good music, when it's not time for talk or specialty crap, tend to have a secondary, and maybe a tertiary, station feed on HD radio. These tend to be like how MTV2 started off...about the actual music the stations promise to play, but with none of the extra crap of talk or dedicated programming. Using HD stations is like going back in time to when I was a kid and could find music on the radio.

Anyway, after playing with HD stations for a few hours this weekend, I think I have seen the light. In fact, I now am even thinking of swapping my perfectly fine OEM radio on my main vehicle with an HD receiver just to keep the music around me. Of course, this is a future whim since I dropped enough money into car audio for one season already.


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