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Malik (2/22/11)

I'm still obsessing over Fallout: New Vegas. I have now put in about 50 hours on the game, which beats out Fallout 3 by about 20 hours. I think it helps having no annoying subway or sewer tunnels to get to new places on New Vegas. Yes, the Sierra mountains can be a bit frustrating to work around and between, but it definitely beats the subway system of D.C. I'm also now able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Once I gave up on solving every problem of the Mojave Wastelands and started to really play around in Vegas, the game took a far quicker pace for the plot. I mean between talking to Yes Man and Mr. House, the game dumps a lot of either/or type missions on you at once. It's pretty obvious when the end is coming, and it only becomes more obvious when Caesar had to meet his end at my hands. Now comes the fun part of seeing how many factions I can keep happy with me for as long as possible. I know I will need to make a stand at some point, but trying to remain friendly is a great thing when you don't feel like turning most new places into some massive battle the second you enter town.

I'm also happy to say that Amazon has finally decided to ship Dragon Quest VI. It only took seven extra days for my pre-order to ship. I'm now feeling a lot less love for Amazon after this, but it still leaves the dilemma of either Amazon or Gamestop for anything I feel is worthy of a pre-order. Most games can skip this step, but games not on optical formats (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray) always face the limited release possibility, or at least the chance of being harder to locate right after release. The other games, like any on DVD or Blu-Ray (which covers most non-DS games), are not a problem when you look at how quickly a new batch of disks can be burned to cover extra demand.

I say I want to skip Gamestop since they have what I think of as "the Gamestop tax" on some DS games. For some reason, since DS games have a variable release price (anywhere from $30-$40 on average), Gamestop likes to use a higher than MSRP price on some DS titles. So, it can be found that a $30 DS game at any other store may run $35 at Gamestop on release. It's not always the case, but it's still pretty likely when it comes to more obscure of titles...and obscure usually fits what I usually like to pick up.

Anyway, I'll give Amazon another chance. However, unless the game has a release date delivery option, I'm keeping my expectations in the lowest levels when it comes to Amazon right now.


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