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Malik (12/3/12)

I took last week off from posting since I've been pretty much laid out with the flu and the after effects (bronchitis, sinusitis, blah, blah). I'm still less than 100%, but at least I'm back to reality, to an extent.

First off, I have to say that the Seahawks may not have the best quarterback in the league, but I think Russell Wilson is definitely the best clutch QB. I mean with how he will pull a victory out of a loss in the final drive is amazing to behold. Plus, watching him get forced from the pocket, due to the Seahawks O-line being as sturdy as a house of cards, scramble, and then never knowing if he's going to make an insane pass (which will be caught) or if he's going to pick up a first down on the run. Wilson is bringing a level of excitement to the 'Hawks that they have not had since 2005.

The 'Hawks beating the Bears was amazing. However, it only gets better when the 49ers fell to the Rams and the Cards fell to the Jets. Right now, getting the wild card is not a challenge. However, getting the NFC West title, with a home game in the playoffs is even better...and quite possible. The Seahawks need to face the Cards (at home), the Bills (on the road), the 49ers (at home), and the Rams (at home) to wrap up the season. Meanwhile, the 49ers need to face the Dolphins (at home), which shouldn't be too hard to pull out a W, but then they face the Pats on the road in what will most likely be a loss, before coming to Century Link to face the 'Hawks. I think Seattle can pull out four more wins, and the 49ers are looking at probably two more losses, giving Seattle the division.

To shift gears, I've now finished Sleeping Dogs on the PC. I also played the Nightmare at North Point DLC. I may have to consider Sleeping Dogs as the best game of 2012 for me. I mean the game had so much going for it, including giving me a reason to smile when a Square Enix logo appeared (they published) when I loaded the game. In a nut shell, Sleeping Dogs blended the open world game play of Saints Row The Third with a slightly toned down version of Arkham City style fighting in a way that just felt perfect. Plus, the setting was straight out of a great Chinese or Hong Kong style crime movie (especially reminded me of Infernal Affairs). It also helped that the setting for Nightmare at North Point (which is an entirely different story from the main game) felt like a modern Hong Kong horror movie.

Now that I'm done with Sleeping Dogs, I'm focused on some Guardian War (3DO) for the Infinite Lives Podcast, and playing through all of The Walking Dead (PC) before the year ends.


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