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Malik (12/10/12)

This weekend felt like a surreal experience. On Saturday, while recording the Infinite Lives Podcast, I spent some time with my co-hosts at Sizzler. Yes, we decided to live high on the hog with steak and all you can eat salad bar. So, things became weird when I watched some European soccer, at Sizzler, while eating a very delicious steak. If that doesn't destroy your brain, not much will...until I say we played some old school horrible SNES games and I became enthralled, in a sick way, with the Home Improvement SNES game. Then, to further the craziness, I watched the Seahawks on Sunday and saw them win 58-0. True, they played the Cardinals, who have been on a constant free-fall since week 6, but still 58-0 is insane.

It all started with Arizona being unable to keep possession. I mean they had the first drive of the first quarter, and proceeded to toss an interception around their 35 yard line. It was all in the Seahawks hands from there. Richard Sherman would pick off Arizona twice, including one being a nice pick-six. Marshawn Lynch would go insane with his Beast Mode to get another 100 yard well as picking up three touchdowns. The Seahawks had a 100 yard receiver for the first time in more than a year. You also had something for the Russell Wilson haters when Wilson was pulled in the 3rd quarter and Matt Flynn closed out the game with 13 points under his leadership. Of course, the Cards also changed out John Skelton for their rookie QB...but not for the same reason.

In the end, this puts some good momentum with the 'Hawks as they get ready to close out the season. Next week is in Toronto, facing the Bills. If Seattle wins, then it's back home to face the 49ers, who will probably lose next week in New England. If Seattle keeps up with a perfect home record, that will put the NFC West in the 'Hawks hands with 10-5, with San Francisco at 9-5-1. Then one easy home game to get revenge on the Rams and Seattle gets home field for at least one game in the playoffs. So much for the NFC West being the "NFC Worst". I mean this is one of the more interesting divisions in the league. Only the NFC North can be compared for keeping the game exciting. Maybe the AFC North, but it's expected for Baltimore and Pittsburgh to be interesting (as well as maybe the Bengals).

Beyond some football glory, I've been wrapped up in playing The Walking Dead on the PC. I'm under an obligation (if I want to avoid spoilers) to finish the game in less than 2 weeks. So, for now I'm diving in as quick as possible. I'm probably around 1/3 through episode 4, which leaves not much left. I have to say, I'm glad it isn't much longer since the emotional chaos this game plays on the player is sometimes hard to put up with when you don't want to spend an hour just screaming at your monitor.

Other than that, I've been playing Final Fantasy (the first one) on Android. I know, I overpaid since Square Enix is charging $15 for this game that should be only a few bucks when you look at the offerings from Kemco for that low price point. Still, it's a really solid and well polished update. Is it worth $15? Not unless you're an insane fanatic (so it was worth it for me). However, it is worth it if you get it as a gift.


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