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Malik (10/22/12)

I feel like I've been two-timing myself with myself. Off and on over the last few years, I've mentioned sprucing up this site. Each time, I'll give a shot to some sort of PHP system and just give up when I realize that migration is out of the picture and that many of the PHP or wiki systems are just a pain in the ass to get used to. I mean I am still rocking this site with the ancient Microsoft FrontPage 2003 editor with some flash menus and almost no media (it's in there if you dig really deep and go to a time long ago).

Two of my friends started doing a podcast recently and asked for some feedback. I liked it, besides a few small technical issues (microphones went through changes to eliminate it sounding like it was recorded in a broom closet), and thought it would be fun to see if they wanted some involvement. I had the web space (Web Hosting Hub gives a good service for cheap; I fully recommend them to anyone in need of a domain host and server) and I have a domain, so I naturally was asked to host. That's easy enough, but this meant I'd need to do some web site work and it should not, despite the podcast being about retro games, feel like a retro site. Old games are good, but old HTML is getting pretty old.

I should add at this point, I'm not sure about an overhaul here, yet. However, I'm getting pretty comfortable with what can be done, and what cannot be done, on systems such as Joomla, PHP-Nuke, and Tikiwiki. In the end, Tikiwiki was what I liked for podcast hosting (larger file uploads in particular) and had a system that allowed for the most customization without potential of system crash (I made a Joomla page with a free template I found online and it permanently destroyed the page). So, maybe in the future, the old info will be still available in this formant, and Geek-Asylum will make new posts and such in a Tikiwiki environment.

On top of hosting the podcast, I'm also involved in the podcast. It's fun to realize how one can get so flustered, at first, with recording what is essentially a conversation between some long time friends. I mean the others in the podcast are two friends I've known over three different decades. Wow, that makes me sound old. I've known them since the end of the 1990's (1998 and 1999).

So, for today, I'm wrapping up this post. Consider this a story about what PHP and wiki systems can be most friendly to a guy still stuck in the days of HTML 3 (is Frontpage 2003 HTML 3? Doesn't matter...definitely not HTML 4 or 5). Also, if anyone wants to check it out, using a plug for my two-timing ways, check out the one and only Infinite Lives Podcast. Proud partner of I should add, a new domain should be in the future for Infinite Lives Podcast, but still will be part of my Web Hosting Hub service. Also, in the near future, as I learn this wacky idea of rss feeds and XML programming, the podcast should find its way to iTunes and other podcast obtaining apps/programs.


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