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Malik (11/5/12)

I want to play games! I really do. Like I've mentioned, I've been pulling some double duty on another site and this has taken some of my time. However, when you have two dogs who decide to destroy your week, even a second site is not close to the excuse that two dogs bent on entropy can be.

So, for now, I'll just say that the Seahawks were amazing to watch yesterday. I mean between the offense stepping up in a big way and the defense not looking too bad (trying to look good against Adrian Peterson is impossible), this was a great way to start the last half of the season. With a home game against the Jet, a road game against the Dolphins, and bringing all three division rivals to Seattle, there's a good chance for Seattle to get a wild card spot. They're 5-4 right now, and I think the only challenges are going to come from facing the Bears on the road (why does it seem Seattle plays in Chicago every season?) and when Seattle hosts the 49ers.

Anyway, that is all the free time I've had for a week; watching the Seahawks and also squeezing in a Sounders playoff game on Friday. I aim to play XCOM tonight and maybe start Sleeping Dogs. Until then, check out the Infinite Lives Podcast to see/hear more geeky of stuff that I've been up to.


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