Malik  (5/10/04)

A new week is upon us...not only that, but the best week for us geeks of the year.  That's right, E3 is almost upon us!  For that reason, I can't guarantee what sort of stuff you'll see up here until the festivities end.  I am currently trying to crank out a Disgaea review, which hopefully will be up in a couple of days...I know, it's taking a good long time for this review...but then again, with a game this involving and flat-out kick ass, it's hard to rush.  I also should have a E3 themed Malik's Bitchings up on Friday, but that all depends on the nature of E3 news that comes out by then.  Luckily, I think Nintendo will help me out a bit with the Nitro, and Sony may do the same with the PSP.  I am excited about the PSP, so don't get me wrong, but the more I hear about it, the more I am seeing an overpriced overly stuffed excuse for a game I always say, if I want a music player, I'll get one; if I want a cell phone, which I don't, I'll get one; if I want a video player, I'll get one; if I want a game system, I'll get one.  I know the phone part only applies (as of now) to one worthless piece of taco...I mean shit...but, the inclusion of "bonus features" on a game player only serve to jack up the price.  I mean the pwN-Gage is a $75 game system that cost more than 3 times that amount due to the phone, music player, hard as shit to change cartridges, blah, blah.

Anyways, enough of what's to come...that will be here soon enough.  For now, I'm still plowing through Disgaea.  Part of me is rushing so I can give my full attention to La Pucelle Tactics, since La Pucelle looks (from the little I've played in between Disgaea sessions) hella pimp.  Another part of me is rushing because I want to learn what's coming next.  The story is always shifting in new humorous and silly ways...and I, for one, have enough serious shit to sort through each day at work, so if I get caught up in a game, at least a small bit of silliness is a definite bonus.  I'm, also hoping to get in a little extra Halo in the Disgaea downtime...for those who still haven't done the right thing and played Halo...sigh...but that's one game I cannot ever get enough of; especially co-op.  There are not enough co-op games out there, and Halo is one of the sole bastions for this experience on a console.

Anyways, I have some Disgaea to play, so I'm out.


Malik  (5/11/04)

Well, there's some pre-E3 news that's both expected and interesting.  It seems that Microsoft and EA have done the expected...if you don't know what that is, click the link.  Also, Sony has done the expected with the PS2 price issue (click the freakin' link already!).  Not to mention that Sony has started their showcasing of the PSP on E3-eve.  Also, for those keeping track, the Disgaea review will be up either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on the level of E3 news that comes out.  Way too much stuff to write about and far too much desire to play Disgaea to write about it all.


Malik  (5/12/04)

E3 is now underway, and some of the news is here for your enjoyment...not to mention some of the news in Malik's Bitchings style.  Anyways, I will keep this front post a little shorter today...and probably most of the upcoming I deal with the massive influx of E3 news.  It's almost like geek overload...sigh...and I wanted to play a little extra on Disgaea this week...oh hurdle (as in, a good a hurdle of money...only I don't gain in a tangible way) at a time.


Malik  (5/13/04)

Yesterday I started my journey into checking out the latest news from E3 and I came to a realization; there is just way too much news out there.  So, to solve this, I decided to break things up into chunks.  The easiest way to do this is to cover the biggest hype from the console makers.  I don't know if I'll get through all of it anytime soon since my weekend is booked with some family stuff...which means the rest of the week and the beginning of next week will involve me catching up on lost gaming time.  However, today I present the not so outstanding hype of Microsoft's XBox E3 extravaganza.  On top of that, I'm still slowly winding down my Disgaea review.  I'm not so sure anymore on whether or not I'll meet my prior goal of finishing either the game or the review this week...I guess that promise held all of the honesty of a (keeping in context with my daily column) Halo 2, Half Life 2, or Doom 3 release date.  While the first 11 episodes of Disgaea went by at break neck speed, the last battle of episode 12 showed the start of a change to the game's other words, the game got hard quickly.  Too much time is not involved in leveling up to be prepared for the next boss...oh well.  I guess that just means Disgaea continues the one sad truth about RPGs...all of them have it, and Disgaea will not be marked down in my esteem for having it too, but leveling up time is here.  Speaking of master...I mean Disgaea...calls.


Malik  (5/14/04)

Well, my Disgaea review is done in terms of being written.  However, I have spent far too long writing this Malik's Bitchings, and am now tired of my keyboard, and Disgaea (the game) calls for my love and I will keep this post short.  However, to end on a plus side, I will have the Disgaea review up for sure on Monday.  Until then, I have family stuff this weekend, so I've gotta get my Disgaea in today.