Need Some Emotional Fulfillment?: Are the Sexes Fairly Treated in the World of Geeks?

The Cost of Fun: Why us geeks don't need to worry about our gaming budget

Why Do Reviews Go Bad?: The Problems of Incomplete and Biased Reviews in The Game Industry

"The game just doesn't feel 'next-gen' enough for me.": The Worst Line of the New Generation


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Malik's Newb Guide to HD-TV: What You Need to Know to Get Your First HD-TV


Unknown Phenomena in Gaming


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas: Exploring The Unknown


Malik's Bitchings


4/23/04: Missing hard drives, broken DVD drives, and broken promises

4/30/04: What is hate?; What's with the hate?; and staying where you belong?

5/7/04: Why is it that TV and geeks don't mix?  Plus a little hypocrisy...

5/12/04: E3 Brings Two Misplaced Senses of Appropriateness; Plus Why I Hate Square

5/13/04: Microsoft's E3 Announcements:  Not Quite Living up to the Hype

5/14/04: Since I'm Too Stupid To Know, Marketing Specialists, Please Tell Me Who I Am!

6/4/04: Power Corrupts, Sad Concepts Never Die, How I Spent My Summer Vacation (The Last Two Weeks)

6/10/04: Viva Revolution?, Phantasy Star What?, Connectivity...sigh..., Will The RIAA Ban My 8-Track Collection Next?

6/18/04: Goatees in Space?, Why Do The Good Have To Suffer?, Geeks of All Types

6/25/04: XBlox Live Neglect, Why You Should Read My Reviews, I Like Spending My Money On Nothing!

7/6/04: Do We Ask Too Much?, The Movie Treatment, Maybe We Get Too Much

7/9/04: Are Our Rights and Personal Image At Risk of a Congressional Attack?

7/16/04: Who Are We Getting Our Games From?, The End of an Era

7/23/04: Reviews and Other Obstacles in the Realm of the Fanboy

7/30/04: Slowing Down GTA?, Return of an Old Favorite, Math in The Land of The Short Sighted

8/6/04: Do We Need a New Generation Yet?, Piracy: In All It's Misconceptions

8/20/04: Are We Compatible?, GTA:SA Going to Crap, Free (and Crappy) Email

8/27/04: Crappy Movies, Selling a Game or Selling Out?

9/3/04: CoH Hating, Too Much of a Good Thing, Too Little of a Good Thing

9/17/04: Innovations and Good Ideas, Time and a Half

9/24/04: Good Reporting Gone Awry, The Price of a Console

10/1/04:  Walking the Straight Line-ar, Oh Shit!  It's a Him!

10/8/04: When Good Reporting Goes Bad, Another Good Game Goes to Cra...Online

10/15/04: Reality Gaming?!

10/22/04: Is Serious Gaming Serious Fun?, A Developer Gets It Right

10/29/04: Sensual Nintendo, Sony Just Keeps Doing the Same Shit to Us

11/5/04: Half-Assed News

11/12/04: Finally, It's That Time Again; The Ignorance Astounds Me;, Security That's Too Secure or How To Be An Ass 

11/19/04: Legal Woes In The Geek Realm

12/3/04: Better Late Than Never (Controversial Games)

12/10/04: Challenges That You Can't Control, Prices Warring With Themselves

12/17/04: The Bite of Bias

12/31/04: The Year Ends: Sony's Problems, Sequels That Aren't

2/25/05: The Long Awaited Return (Xenosaga Style)



Halo 2 (XBox) Anticipation/Pseudo-Score: 10/10