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Malik (4/16/12)

I've laid off of games for a fair bit the last few days. I just needed a break from SSX when I played the same course for the 100th time, only to fail once again. I'm at the end of the World Tour mode. At least I think it's the end. All of the deadly descents are done, and now I'm on some sort of "Griff wants his revenge" type of event. It's an event that just feels like the game is trying to mess with me. I mean either I will do pretty good, but Griff somehow goes faster than possible with no mistakes, or I just keep missing all of the easy jumps (while clearing the nearly impossible spots with ease) and then running out of rewinds to keep my run alive.

SSX is a lot of fun, but it definitely feels like they turned the difficulty slider up for this (possibly) final event. It went from almost too easy at times to being flat out insane. In fact, that is one of the minor problems I have with SSX. One event, which is supposed to be hard, will be beyond easy (like the avalanche deadly descent or the first deadly descent with a wing suit), when the next event will go past the reasonable expectations for one's skills at this point in the game. I mean, even after nearly beating the World Tour mode, I still think there are a few levels I never want to touch again (like the first deadly descent to involve ice axes) out of pure frustration.

Anyway, it was also too nice of weather in the Seattle area to play games. Being a typical suburban homeowner can be fun at times, but when the first stretches of nice weather hit in a spring, it becomes a time to do all of the chores that almost make me think about how great people with kids have it (child labor laws don't stop one from enslaving their own children with weeding and mowing).

This leaves only enough time to get some fast fun from my phone. At least this isn't too shabby of an option some of the time. I mean Draw Something is a great dose of quick fun when your friends remember to play their turn. Also, playing some more Symphony of Eternity from Kemco is awesome. I mean SoE is a flat out SNES era RPG in my pocket. Until I see some DSWare items for $4 with this type of content and quality, I think I can understand the entire idea of phones killing portable game systems. If SoE (or any Kemco RPG) was on the 3DS or the DS, I know it would come with a $35 price tag, or it would be DSWare with only a quarter the content.


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