Malik (4/21/04)

Well, I have been up and running for only a few days and I've been informed that I can be interpreted as offensive, bigoted, and full of hate (bitchiness and hate are two different things...just read on...)...maybe I'm doing something right...but all joking aside, I therefore have to say a few things (to think, my first new material for this site is a disclaimer...sigh...);

"Offensive" Language/Material

First off, I have no hatred or anger towards any group, affiliation (religious, club, social, etc), orientation (religious, sexual, etc), ethnicity, gender, or anything else that differentiates any individual from any other individual.  The closest I have towards this type of bigotry in my mindset is that I don't personally appreciate or understand groups or affiliations that are based on hatred (lack of appreciation is also quite different from hatred, so "bigotry" is not even close to my actual feelings which are more or less those of confusion since I simply don't understand having hatred in one's mind).

So, what I'm getting at here is that I'm an open-minded individual who, sometimes despite my own intentions, gives in to using a lot of slang and alternate meanings for words.  For example, I may say something is "teh gay" (for those who have spent as much time as me in geek message boards, you'd know this is an annoyingly common saying that does not have any base in something being homosexual, but rather is somewhat disappointing).  For those who would say that this meaning for "gay" is in fact "gay-bashing" I just simply say that gay also means "jovial/happy".  So, as someone who does not honestly care weather someone is homosexual, heterosexual, asexual, bisexual, trisexual, overly-sexual, underly-sexual, or whatever, I personally like think about "teh gay", "hella gay", etc, as something more along the lines of the use of "bad" in the 1980's to mean something is "good".  But if you want to be someone who is far to easily offended and must think that this use of "gay" is some sort of "bashing", then think of it as "jovial/happy" bashing.

So, if this makes sense, good job.  You've passed the first lesson and are on your way to...well, you now know the truth that I'm not some bigoted ass.  I don't write this site for a target audience of children (if I did, I would review a lot more games that are not in my favorite other words, more Sonic, Mario, etc...however, the games I play average a teen rating and often times go above teen to a mature rating like the rating found on GTA3/VC), and if you are a child, please leave or get permission before you get your parent or guardian pissed off at me.  If you still don't understand, I'll simply say this; I shall not now or ever use words that were derived simply for the easy degradation of any group/orientation/ethnicity/whatever.  "Gay" has many meanings and even when used to describe someone who is homosexual (which is never how I foresee me using "gay" on this site), it is not a term of degradation (otherwise, why would there be Gay Pride rallies/parades...why would someone/a group use a term to degrade themselves in a celebration of who he/she/they are?)  such as a word that has a synonym for a bundle of wood meant to be burned (confused? It starts with "f", can be said with 6 letters or shortened to just 3...the hate filled meaning is usually shortened to 3 letters...and Eminem uses it in quite a few of his works); which you will NEVER hear from me unless I am reading out something written in Old English (which might use this word to mean a bundle of fire wood).  I don't believe in using any word that is meant to cause emotional pain or conflict.  I may be a bitchy person, but I have love and respect for all people (unless they personally warrant my disrespect...but never do I give in to hate).

Anyways, if you read a word on this site that has many meanings, a few things can be said; for one, if you think even for a second that I'm using any "hurtful" meaning, then you are a hateful or angry person (there is no better way to say it than like this...if you assume the worst from a person from the beginning, then you have some internal anger/hate issues that you should look inward to resolve).  Secondly, consider the meanings at hand, and you should be able to, using common sense (something that most people throw out the window in modern American Society), determine the appropriate meaning.  Also, I'll try to not drop the "f" bomb (rhymes with duck)...not a word that degrades other people, but a strong word none-the-less...too strong for casual usage.

The only exception to this rule is that I don't tolerate (at all) those who force their opinions on others.  Example: if your a vegetarian, more power to you (keep reading to know my stance on that, if you care); but if you yell at someone telling them "MEAT IS MURDER!", you are an asshole...I'm sorry, but it's true.  We as people all have the right to live with our own decisions, and those who try to force their decisions on other people are simply asses who don't know the meaning of hypocrisy (your free-will allowed you to decide to be a vegetarian, but you are trying to then take away the free-will of someone else by forcing your views on need to re-evaluate your own life if your some vege-nazi...meaning someone like I just described...not a Nazi from Hitler's idiotic Third Reich or a good natured vegetarian who does not force their will on others).  Also, on this note, if you are someone who goes as far as threatening the life of someone else to force your opinion (like someone who would try to physically assault an animal lab/lab worker), leave now.  I work in a place that puts me in great risk of this type of individual, and I have had enough threats on the lives of my coworkers and myself to say that you are not welcome.

Also, Internet slang "joo" is not the same as "Jew", for the Internet inept, "I pwn joo", means "I own you", and not as in slavery, but rather as in a taunt meaning "I am better than you".  I hope that's enough...sigh...


You have probably heard this from many other sources, but I might as well say it while I'm at it.  Opinions on this site are those of the poster.  So, if you have an issue with something that is said, or a question, a comment, a complaint...well, just send it to the original author (click on their name at the top of the article/post or go to the Contact Us page found on the left toolbar of all pages and tell that person your beef...that's beef as in opinion, not a meat derived from cow...for those who think I may have issues with either eating of cows or the not eating of the way; proud carnivore and no one is ever changing that...we as people have omnivorous teeth for grinding and tearing, so science/evolution says to eat some surf and turf with a nice salad and potato...).

Last of all, this is an independent web site based a a place for the authors to post their views (which are going to be expressed according to personality).  If you don't care for any opinions on this site, you can do one of three things.

1.  You can understand that hatred is not tolerated on this site, but freedom of speech and individuality is supported strongly.  Thus, you can continue reading and just not focus on what you don't care for or the author who wrote it.  This, by the way, is the optimal solution since it shows an ability for you to be able to survive in the modern world (which is never, and I mean NEVER, going to be 100% pleasant unless you have severe psychological issues), and thus you are a well-adjusted person.  Congrats!

2.  You can just go to another site.  By being independent and a fan-site, this site is opinionated, and thus our opinions just might not match what you live according to.  Doesn't mean you're wrong...doesn't meant we're wrong.  However, you should probably leave the site and find one more to your lifestyle (if it's gaming, try a commercial site, such as IGN or gamespot...not that I am endorsing them, but they are good wholesome sources for game info...just without a good deal of the individuality that gives private pages, like Geek Asylum, their flavor and intrigue).  This just means we're all individuals.  VIVA FREEDOM TO BE AN INDIVIDUAL!  Not the best solution, but it works.

3.  You can bitch and complain and pester us with non-stop garbage about the decay of morality and how we are all going to burn in hell.  I have to be honest; this would give me a big laugh and probably entertain me like nothing else in the world.  However, I will probably post parts of your complaint on the site (don't worry, it will be without personal info) and proceed to make fun of you in the manner that is done on a good number of original and cynically/sarcastically fun web other words, if this is your close-minded method of dealing with life in a hypocritical manner that lacks all sense of humor and fun, please find complaint with me (Malik), just so I can have a good laugh.  I can't guarantee others at the Asylum will share the same method for dealing with close-minded idiots, so this is just my way of dealing with you (this is my opinion...refer back to this section to know what that means).  However, this is probably the worst solution for you as an individual since I will make fun of you, you will show that you lack creativity and a sense of humor, and have a gigantic stick up your arse (that was not a sodomy/homosexuality attack, but rather to say your anal retentive).  However, I'll enjoy it, so actually this or choice #1 are the options of choice for me.


You will never hear me write like this again.  I thought it would be best to tackle this issue of my "offensiveness" now rather than later.  So, if you can take a joke and are politically incorrect enough to appreciate life and humor, then I ask that you forgive me for sounding like a whiney hippie, and understand that this is the last time this breed of diarrhea will ever pour from my keyboard again.  So, you should now know how it is; I'm an ass, politically incorrect, and use far too much slang for my own good.  However, I'm not a hate filled bigot and I never will discriminate, but rather I will poke fun of that which takes itself far too seriously, tease that which is just absurd, and use the most catchy and annoying slang possible while using my right to be a hypocrite in saying that I hate internet slang.  So...ummm...BTW I PWN JOO.  l8r ppl.

Learn to take a joke.