Malik  (9/17/04)

Sony Aims to Imitate PSone Life Cycle With PStwo 

According to rumors stated on, Sony will shortly announce the release of a smaller version of the PS2, dubbed the PStwo. This smaller system will go on sale, in theory, on October 26. This new version of the PS2 will sell for the same $150 price, but will be about 30% smaller in actual size. 

This same tactic was used in the Playstation life cycle when the PSone was released as a slimmer and more...ummmm...stylish looking machine that handled all the same tasks as the original PS1. This boosted overall sales by a small amount of the PS1, and Sony is hoping to cram more of it's PS2 into the public by using a similar tactic...let's just hope that the PStwo is not prone to the same DREs and other similar errors caused by the poor components of the original PS2. 

At the same time, it is being thought that Rockstar/TakeTwo will delay the release of GTA:SA for a week to coincide with the release of the PStwo. If this is the case, it would be one of the few times that a major blockbuster is delayed in this crazy season of too many good games at once. A delay in a game's release right now could be rather tragic when it's put into the big picture of too many good games at once. Also, this is one of the first times in recent geek history that Rockstar would actually have one of their games delayed...especially a GTA game, which, in the past, have always met their release dates. Hopefully this is just a rumor, since I know this move of delaying such a highly anticipated game is not going to win over any fans for TakeTwo.